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Emdoor Info 2020 Annual Management Conference


From February 2 to 5, 2021, Emdoor Group held the 2020 Annual Management Conference in Judiaosha, Shenzhen. The directors of the company and the senior management of its subsidiaries attended the meeting. The meeting comprehensively summarized the work content of the group and its subsidiaries in 2020, and deployed the annual plan for 2021.

In addition to holding annual meetings, Emdoor Group also prepared a coastline trekking activity and a bonfire party. Emdoor Group hopes that through these activities, everyone can realize that the journey is long, and only persistence and unity can achieve success.


On the afternoon of February 3rd and the morning of February 4th, the Emdoor Info Management Conference, a subsidiary of Emdoor Group, was held in the conference room of  Lavenna hotel. The purpose of this conference is to unify goals, thinking, and actions. Meanwhile reach a consensus on how to achieve breakthroughs and sustainable business growth.

At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of Emdoor Group pointed out that the goal of Emdoor Information in 2021 is growth and breakthrough. We must not only insist on making breakthroughs in product innovation, but also in business. It is necessary to adapt to the direction of market adjustment, learn from past experience, and tap more opportunities.

During the meeting, the leaders of all departments of Emdoor Information reported on the achievements of their departments in the past year and made plans for the future work. The general manager of Emdoor Info fully affirmed the work of each department and clarified the work ideas of Emdoor Information in 2021.


In 2020, Emdoor Info leaded the rugged product industry with innovation, quality and service. Reached the leading level in three industries.(Product line , domestic terminals industry and 5G terminal.)In addition, the numerous products of Emdoor Info have produced many excellent cases in the application process, which has promoted the intelligent transformation of various industries and the upgrade of the Internet of Things. In 2021, we will continue to innovate products and technologies, and contribute to the rugged product industry.


On the afternoon of February 4th, all the Emdoor Group carried out a coastline trekking activity, which took about 6 kilometers and took 2 hours. Everyone united and helped each other in this event, insisted not to give up. It also reflects the spiritual outlook of the Emdoor Group.


A good team cannot lack competition. This trekking activity divide everyone into five teams, and the team that achieves excellent results in this eventwill be rewarded.


On the evening of February 4, Emdoor Group held a grand bonfire party at Judiaosha Beach. The cheerful dance and the harmonious atmosphere are everyone's simplest compliment to the happy life of the moment, and also everyone's vision for a better future.


Fun games, splendid fireworks show with food and wine, is a gift to every hardworking employee.Accompanied by the melodious music, the fatigue of the past year is relieved.

In the days to come, Emdoor Group will continue to carry out various cultural activities to enrich the lives of employees and exercise their physique. Let each employee work with enthusiasm and realize themselves.


On February 5, a plenary meeting of Emdoor Group was held, and the meeting summarized and reviewed the work in 2020.  Also expressed gratitude to all employees. 2020 is an extraordinary year, but we have seized the new opportunities brought by the epidemic and continued to develop.


The achievements of Emdoor Group in 2020 are inseparable from the hard work of excellent employees and teams. Leader presents awards to outstanding employees. This is the greatest recognition of employees' work.


Finally, Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Emdoor Group, explained and summarized the 2020-2021 annual management meeting of Emdoor Group with three key words( optimization, breakthrough and high aspirations).


In 2022, Emdoor Group will take advantage of the trend and continue to grow and develop. With innovation as the main body, products and brands are the two wings of the strategic layout.

The 2020 Management Conference came to a successful conclusion. In the new year, we will continue to struggle, go forward courageously, and create brilliance.

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