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Data Collection Function For The Rugged Tablet PCs

by Jozy, Jun 24th

Application scenario of the rugged tablet PC

Control site, road and bridge control charging system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication guarantee, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring and security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tool, fuel dispenser, financial information processing, petrochemical Data acquisition and processing, geophysical prospecting, field-portable operations, environmental protection, military industry, electric power, railways, highways, aerospace, subways, smart buildings, outdoor advertising, etc.

Windows10 Rugged Tablet EM-I86H

Windows10 rugged tablet EM-I86H

Emdoor's tablet can be used for data collectors, which covers rugged tablet Windows 10, GMS series rugged tablets, Android rugged tablets, Windows7 rugged tablets, and Linux rugged tablets.  Some rugged tablet PC can be used for data finance, data transmission, data deletion, and system management. Here is a brief analysis of the key roles that these functions can play.

Functions of rugged tablet PC

1. Data collection function

It is the process of reading the barcode of the product through the scanning device, and directly selecting and confirming the quantity of the product or entering it through the keyboard. It is stored in the text data format in the memory of the data collector, the format is bar code, quantity.

2. Data transmission function

Mainly realize the upload and download of a product barcode, name, and quantity. Data download is to transfer the product information confirmed by the required data collector from the computer to the data collector. Through the communication interface between the data collector and the computer, run the corresponding functions of the computer management system provided by the equipment manufacturer Data transfer program. The downloading process can conveniently display the product name currently read into the barcode and the quantity to be confirmed during data collection. Data upload is to transfer the collected product data to the tablet through the interface, and then convert the data to the database through the processing of the computer system.

3. Data deletion effect

After the data in the data collector is transferred to the computer system, the data needs to be deleted, otherwise, it will cause the superimposition of the data reading again, resulting in data errors. In some cases, the data may be sent to the computer multiple times, and the data can be deleted only after the data is confirmed to be invalid.

4. The role of system management

Mainly check the disk space system, proofreading of date and time.

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