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What are the applications of industrial tablet PCs in smart healthcare?

Pulished on May. 20, 2020

Intelligent medical treatment is to realize the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions, and medical equipment by creating a regional medical information platform for health records and using Internet of Things technology, and gradually achieve informatization. The industrial tablet PC with its light and portable volume, unique appearance, and powerful configuration and functions make it an information integration tool for mobile diagnosis and treatment. In the field of intelligent medical treatment, tablet computers, as intelligent terminals, play an important role in the entire intelligent medical system and are more digital, informational, and intelligent than traditional inspection, detection and care solutions.

The Rugged Tablets is mainly used in three aspects of smart medical treatment:

1. Hospital consumables management (using RFID technology to supplement consumables) 2. Blood management (RFID application in blood management) 3. Drug traceability (Using UHF tags to track drugs)

Incons industrial tablet computer adopts plane integrated molding, pure industrial fanless design, can meet various external needs of industrial site, is an ultra-high integration product. For physicians, the use of tablets can reduce the time of written work, provide accurate and agile information on medical impression materials, and through the rapid scanning bar code recognition skills, realize the electronic medical record mobile and optimize information access.

8-inch Rugged Tablet PC

8-inch Rugged Tablet PC

Medical staff can check the patient's medical records and treatment status in real time through the industrial tablet, and issue and use drugs according to the matching of the patient's RFID tag, drug label and blood label, and manage the hospital drug library and blood library more reasonably to achieve drug and blood tracking Traceability to make management more rational and standardized. In this process, the industrial tablet records the information on drug distribution and use, which helps physicians to scan, check, and record the completion of one machine in a timely and accurate manner, eliminating unnecessary operations and improving efficiency.

With the increasing digitization of medical equipment, the image storage and transmission functions are being further developed and improved. While further realizing the automation of hospital processes, it has also promoted the process of hospital digitization, which is reflected in the compilation of related medical materials and chart production. Time has been greatly reduced, while improving work efficiency while saving a lot of money and time.

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