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Application of Industrial Tablet in the Environmental Protection Industry

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2020

With the advocacy of environmental protection, many industries have now entered the environmental protection industry, of which industrial tablet computers have entered the environmental protection industry. Next, Rugged Tablet Manufacturer will answer the detailed industrial tablet application plan in the environmental protection industry for everyone.

1. Status of environmental protection industry

As the technical department of the national environmental protection system, the environmental monitoring department is an important foundation for environmental management. With the increase of citizens' environmental awareness, more and more people are concerned about the quality of the environment they are in, and they require transparency in environmental protection work; higher-level authorities also need large amounts, types, and updated information. All these have raised a question that should be paid attention to the environmental monitoring department: how to establish an environmental protection data collection system with strong practicality, wide coverage and good flexibility, which meets the needs of all parties facing environmental monitoring information.

In environmental protection systems, it is often necessary to carry out real-time monitoring of numerous pollution discharge points, and most of the monitoring data needs to be sent to the back-end server of the management center for processing in real time. Because the monitoring points are scattered and widely distributed, and most of them are located in areas with harsh environments, data transmission via telephone lines is often less effective. Data transmission through the Industrial Tablet wireless network has become one of the communication methods chosen by environmental protection departments. The pollution source monitoring equipment can send the collected pollution data and alarm information to the environmental protection monitoring department in time through the network, realizing the timely management of the pollutant discharge enterprises or individuals, and can further improve the work efficiency of environmental protection departments.

Industrial Tablet

Industrial Tablet

2. Project requirements

Environmental protection data collection system is a pollution source monitoring system composed of pollution source emission monitoring points and monitoring centers. The system can automatically sample the pollution sources and monitor the main pollution factors online; grasp the urban pollution source emissions and the total amount of pollution source emissions, and the monitoring data is automatically transmitted to the environmental protection monitoring center; the computer of the monitoring center performs data collection, collation and comprehensive analysis; The monitoring information is transmitted to the Environmental Protection Agency, which supervises and manages the pollution source.

At present, data communication between environmental protection monitoring stations and collection points is mainly transmitted by manual transcription or PSTN telephone lines. When using a telephone line to transmit data, it is slow and expensive due to the waiting time required for each dial. At the same time, because each monitoring point has a wide distribution range, a large number, and a long distance, and some points are remote, it is necessary to apply for many telephone lines, and some monitoring points have difficult to reach the wired lines. GPRS has the characteristics of fast speed and low use cost. Compared with wired communication method, wireless communication method is very flexible. It has the advantages of flexible networking, easy expansion, low operating costs, simple maintenance, and high cost performance. Therefore, GPRS wireless transmission can be used to solve the problem of real-time transmission of pollution source monitoring data.

3. In the application of environmental protection industry, we have many successful applications, such as in our river water field monitoring system, which can well achieve data collection and process control.

The above is the application of the industrial tablet computer in the environmental protection industry introduced by the Handheld Terminal Device supplier.