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Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Pulished on Jan. 07, 2020

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

01. Emdoor Info.'s first rugged product with Google GMS certification at the end of 2019

On December 20th,2019, Emdoor Information Company R&D Center has received a good news E-mail from Google-authorized third-party laboratories (Short name called "3PL"):

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Emdoor Info.’s  new product which is a 10 inch rugged tablet PC--Model No. RD15QE has passed the strict test successfully by 3PL.

RD15QE is another model name as same as a internal model name called EM-Q15 in Emdoor Info. company, IP65 protective grade with Qualcomm platform & Android OS 9.0 & LTE4G,the biggest feature is that has the external and detachable industrial modules such as 1D/2D barcode scanner, UHF ect,support high brightness screen with 1000 nit under the sunshine, support wet finger touch and glove touch.Simple and elegant design,remove or install,what you see is what you get.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

That means it is just a matter of time among the 3PL‘s application to Google, to Google’s approval, to Google’s GMS certification and released on Google's official website.

The waiting period is a maximum of 4 weeks, but we visit Google's official website to check every day:


Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

We download the CSV list (Google Supported device) as the picture shows and found RD15QE (Remdun brand) is shown inside, which means the Emdoor Info.’s 10 inch rugged tablet PC has been authorized by Google GMS and officially released on Google ’s official website. Welcome our partners to visit Google official website for checking.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

In the CSV list, No only RD15QE, but also includes other 5 models rugged products that Emdoor has been obtained GMS certification at the end of 2018, Android 8.1 OS with EEA and non-EEA.

However, RD15QE is just a beginning.We Emdoor Info. is planning to get more rugged products authorized by Google GMS before the Chinese Spring Festival of this year.The difference between this year (before the Spring Festival) and the end of 2018 are as follows:

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

The biggest difference is we choose the Qualcomm's platform for GMS,because Emdoor Info. is an export-oriented enterprise,foreign high-end customers have a high recognition for Qualcomm's platform which has better stability and reliability in Android OS.Qualcomm's cost is higher than MTK, but it meets the quality positioning of Emdoor Info. rugged products.

The second difference is more product size for GMS this year.On the basis of 5 inch,6 inch and 8 inch, we add the 10 inch products for GMS, and upgrade Android OS from 8.1 to 9.0 in it.

The remaining three models No. of products are planned to get Google GMS certification before the Spring Festival this year:

RD51QE, the same as the internal model No. EM-Q51 in Emdoor Info.; 

RD66QE, as same as the internal model No. EM-Q66 in Emdoor Info.;

RD86QE, as same as the internal model No. EM-Q86 in Emdoor Info..

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

As with last year, the Logo/Name of the Manufacturer/Brand do not displays on the screen when device is booting this year.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Checking in “setting” "About tablet" of Android OS, only see the model No., the Logo/Name of the Manufacturer/Brand do not displays.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

(Reference only) 

When the device connected with the computer,only see the model No., the Logo/Name of the Manufacturer/Brand do not displays.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

  (Reference only) 

As the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), Emdoor Info.’s rugged tablets obtain Google GMS certification,but its display is nearly neutral,which is a protection for partners.

For some agents, traders and other partners who urgently need to enter the European, American and foreign markets, and do not want to display Logo/Name of the Manufacturer/Brand,but lack independent products, or the independent products are difficult to get the Google GMS certification, it is possible to cooperate with Emdoor Info. directly,purchase them and sell them abroad, and it is difficult for users to check the ODM information, which means that is a good  business opportunity for partners.

02. Why Emdoor Info. insist on getting Google GMS certification? 

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

As we all know, Google is Android OS’s source designer. Because of its free open source which has the advantage of attracting manufacturers and developers, it has been used in most of smartphones and tablets for many years.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

But Google independently developed a series of applications and its framework cloud services,some of them are important applications and services officially certificated by Google, which are called GMS, its full name is Google Mobile Services which has four main categories:

1. Location-Related Services: Google Maps etc.

2.Android Store related services: Google Play store etc.

3. Social network and cloud platform related services: YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Google Search, Photos, Play Music, Play Movie etc.

4. Google recognizes other related app and services.

These Google applications are interconnected to be a system framework to provide richer services for the Android OS. In particular, functions such as maps, stores, video services, browsers, mail, and search, meet the most common needs of foreign users. Its daily use is extremely large and highly dependent, and its importance in the world as same as the importance of WeChat & Alipay in China. Google GMS is not only the core, but also the soul of Android OS. It is also the motivation for Google to develop and promote the Android OS.

Based on last year's EEA version (European region), non-EEA version (non-European region), Russian version year,Google has add Turkish version for GMS in this new year.

As shown in the picture, the RD15QE displays Google apps by GMS certified.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Just as it is difficult to imagine that in China,the mobile devices cannot install and use WeChat and Alipay , it is also difficult to imagine that in Europe and the United States and other main countries,the mobile devices cannot install and use Google ’s GMS apps.

Although for Chinese manufacturers that are exporting to the third world countries markets, based on cost considerations and technical considerations, most of their mobile devices do not have Google GMS certification, but for other Chinese manufacturers that are exporting to European and American high-end markets, GMS certification is not only common.It is even more compulsory in some countries, otherwise they cannot enter their markets.

Android devices that have not Google GMS certification can be sold on the market, but manufacturers cannot pre-install GMS apps packages.Beginning in August 2017, if users install Google apps on devices that have not get GMS certificated,not matter which Android OS version they are,Google will stop the running of the Google apps when the device connected with the internet.

For Emdoor info. company, our rugged products’ main application field is in industrial field but not in consumer field, to get the Google GMS certification is just the icing on the cake. Its important value and significance lies in ensuring the stability for the products.

  Yes, the stability is always the first for the Emdoor info. rugged products that is applicable to industrial field , and the experience is always the second that compare with stability.

For Google, the GMS certification’s significance is not the apps, but to ensure the compatibility and stability of all kinds of Android based intelligent hardware products designed and produced by hardware manufacturers all over the world, as well as the compatibility and stability test and certification of these hardware and Android's various software apps and services. This is the starting point for Google to focus on the whole quality order.

All kinds of Android smart phones, Android smart tablets, Android watches, Android smart cars, Google glasses, Google artificial intelligence, Google VR that have obtained GMS certification will be authorized by Google, including the Google logo, Logos such as the Android robot corresponding to the certified version on the package, and the model number of the product will be listed in the Supported device list on Google's related website.

Therefore, it is very important for Android products to get Google GMS certification. It is an effective means to has more quality advantage than competitors,as well as to judge the comprehensive software and hardware capabilities of enterprises.In rugged products industries, except Emdoor Info., there are very few companies that have get Google GMS certification for many rugged products. Before the Spring Festival,Emdoor Info. strives to get the Google GMS certification of Android 9.0 for other three model rugged products,that will finish the deployment of the parts of product planning,to ensure the high compatibility and stability of the rugged product Android OS, so that partners or users can be authorized to use Google application services, which improves the user experience.The Android logo can be used on the device house and packaging box,the products can enter the European market.

GMS EEA sales region:

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

03.What is the quality difference between GMS products and non-GMS products?

For example, if GMS certification is not required, the manufacturer combines the original source code to writes the firmware that will follow the rule of "self-qualified" or "market / industry-qualified",that means they are their own judge.

However, in the case that GMS certification is required, Google, as a strict third-party judge, has a set of "Google considers qualified" standard requirements.For example, only for a camera on the tablet PC, including but not limited to image effects, resolution, Frame rate, focus, sensitivity, white balance, shooting effects of different scenes, etc.Google has thousands of code standards requirements, the purpose is to improve the quality and maximize the compatibility and stability of the Android device.

If every code standard requirement of Google is a test item, then each rugged product model must pass at least 2 million code standards requirement if it need to get Google GMS certification successfully.

Yes, it is right, it has to pass at least 2 million test items.

In order to test more than 2 million items,Emdoor Info. R&D center specially applied to the relevant national authorities for several special internet line,successfully connected to the Google server,and used Google software tools on the computer to test the GMS items for rugged products day and night.

Emdoor Info. R&D center office: Let 3 pcs computers connect 10 pcs rugged products, and the screen displays the test process of running more than 2 million GMS items.It takes almost 80 hours continuously to finish all the tests. 

During this test process, Google will provide some bug reports judged by Google. At first, there may be tens of thousands of bugs.By the tireless efforts of Emdoor Info. R&D center,they resolve the bugs and update the version,connect to Google server to continue testing, and there are fewer and fewer bugs. Until the bug is zero at last, the Emdoor Info. team submitted the product samples with new version to 3PL (the third-party laboratory recognized by Google's authority, there are few in the world), and 3PL officially tested.If the one-week full test is successful, 3PL will apply to Google, and Google will review and approve for the GMS certification, and then list it in”Supported devices” on Google's official website. If any unsuccessful test items are found during the 3PL test, that will return the product samples to the team that will continue to resolve the bug issue and resubmit to the 3PL until all the items are tested successfully.       

As early as the end of September 2019, Emdoor Info. R & D Center had already planned to prepare for Google GMS certification. After 3 months of tireless efforts,  the difficulties were overcomed

, and the obstacles were passed all the way through, Emdoor Info. successfully obtained the Google GMS certification for the first model product.

For other rugged product models that will be certified for the same chip platform, Emdoor Info. is confident to obtain the GMS certification again and make it Easily.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

(Analyze the Google GMS test items bug report scene at 11:10 late at night)

Mr Hu,who is the director of Emdoor Info. R&D Center Software team, which is responsible for Google's GMS certification,look back upon the first certified model (RD15QE), which is not as easy as imagined. It can be described as an abnormal process. He remember that most of bugs are quickly resolved, but very few bugs has been difficult to solve.Sometimes when a bug is resolved, but another unexpected bug appears. Whenever the night came, when other colleagues left, he still insisted on analyzing and resolving the bugs with several technical members.

Recalling one of the most dramatic changes in Google's GMS certification, Director Hu mentioned that RD15QE had repeatedly tested at Emdoor Info. R&D Center office, and it has been shown that all tests have passed, but after being submitted to the 3PL in Beijing, he was told that one item test fail by 3PL, that means that the project progress is seriously delayed, which will need to resubmit and spend more time to waste,as well as they can not get the first GMS certification before 2020.The team was in a bad mood when they ate together,Suddenly, a team member accidentally saw the lab email sent by 3PL, which explained that fail reason before,After inspection,3PL found that was the Google server problem,3PL declared the test of Emdoor Info. product samples with new version were finally passed.From that time,the mood of the team became happy.

04.The process of obtain Google GMS certification

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

1). Customers must apply for GMS by Google's MADA partners (such as  Emdoor).

The full name of the “MADA” is Mobile Application Distribution Agreement,  Only the manufacturers who obtained the MADA,can directly apply for GMS certification to Google. In other words, the manufacturer without MADA,cannot directly apply for GMS certification to Google, can only cooperate with the manufacturer with MADA to apply for.

Emdoor obtained Google's MADA as early as 2016,so Emdoor can directly apply for GMS certification to Google,also can help other customers who have not MADA to apply for GMS certification.


2). Product testing


Google GMS certification includes more than 2 million test items,The tests by a third party laboratory authorized by Google (referred to as 3PL):


2.1). The product must pass the CTS test;

2.2). The product must pass the VTS test;

2.3). The product must pass the CTS Verify test;

2.4). The product must pass the GTS test;

2.5). The product is obliged to pass CE, FCC, BT, WIFI and other hardware certifications. (Non-essential indicators)

3). 3PL submits test report to Google for review.

Only if the test report is fully tested, 3PL will be submitted to Google for review.

4). Obtaining Google's legal authorization

Finally, devices that have obtained Google GMS certification and have been authorized by Google related services that can install Google ’s official app and use its authorized service and Android Logo, and be legally sold in designated markets around the world.

For Google GMS certification,the product samples need to prepare 8 to 10 pcsgenerally, the normal period is generally 4~10 weeks, the detail period depends on the situation of the test result.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

【About Emdoor Group】

Founded in 2002, Emdoor Group is not only the global leader in high-tech sales, application and industrialization of high-tech enterprises, but also an innovative company focusing on mobile terminals, industrial application terminals, IoT system solutions.

"Make cutting-edge technology more accessible." It is the mission of Emdoor Group. Since its establishment, Emdoor has always provided customers with competitive product solutions and services, mainly including: value-added distribution of embedded tools, consumer mobile terminals (tablet PC, 2-in-1 tablet, notebooks, all-in-ones PC, AI speakers), industry mobile terminals (rugged handhelds, rugged tablets PC, rugged notebooks, commercial display terminals, industrial PC, medical mobile terminals, financial payment products), Virtual reality (VR / AR / MR), IoT (terminals, gateways, solutions); It also provides customers with software systems and cloud service solutions; widely used in living, office, education, logistics, automotive, finance, business, smart home and other related industries.

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

About Emdoor Info.】

Shenzhen Emdoor Information Co., Ltd. (Short name called "Emdoor Info.") was born in 2008 from Shenzhen Emdoor Group which is a large notebook / tablet computer / intelligent hardware solution group company. As a pioneer enterprise, Emdoor Info. is specializied in the independent R&D, production, sales and application for industrial rugged mobile terminals (Rugged handheld / tablet / notebook), medical mobile terminals, industrial PC, vehicle mount computers, as well as customization of industry software and hardware integration solutions, provide efficient industrial solution such as warehouse logistics, industrial automation, health care, petroleum exploration, outdoor mapping, automotive inspection,road enforcement, education, anti-smuggling, retail services, self-service terminals, machine vision, smart home, intelligent transportation, etc. 

Emdoor Info. has a team of more than 200 people, with R & D personnel accounting for more than 50%. The area of R & D office, laboratory and quality production area accounts for more than 10,000 square meters. It has established long-term and deep technology relationship with original manufacturers such as Intel, ARM, Microsoft; equipped with hundreds of professional equipment, instruments and tools, set up a hundred-level professional dust-free manufacturing workshop; from R & D to procurement, quality control, production management to market sales step by step,  ensure to provide high quality product and short delivery time to customers, and also provide customers with customized and integrated solution services such as appearance design, structural design, mold development, software and hardware development, technical support. 

At present, Emdoor Info. independently own four product series:

Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

1). Rugged mobile terminal product series:

From rugged handheld (4 inch / 5 inch / 6 inch) to rugged tablet PC (7 inch / 8 inch / 10 inch / 11.6 inch / 12.2 inch) to rugged notebook (11.6 inch / 12.2 inch / 14 inch / 15.6 inch);

2. Industrial terminal product series:

From heavy industrial computer (8 inch / 10 inch / 12 inch / 15 inch) to light industrial computer (10 inch ~ 21 inch) to fanless industrial PC;

3. Vehicle mount computer product series:

From heavy VMC to light VMC;

4. Medical terminal product series:

From medical PDA to medical tablet to digital medical display terminal.

The rugged product has obtained hundreds of patents and certifications, including Intel, MTK, RK and Qualcomm platforms, built-in Windows and Android OS,with IP65 ~ IP67 waterproof and dustproof protective grade,0.8M ~ 1.2M drop test,US military MIL-STD -810G shockproof standard, -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C storage temperature, wide voltage input, one-button recovery, all-time operation and other industrial characteristics,  1D / 2D barcode scanner, NFC, RFID UHF / HF, fingerprint reader, ID card reader, GPS high-precision positioning, 3G / LTE 4G, dual-frequency WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless networks and data acquisition functions.

As a well-known supplier of industry rugged mobile terminals, Emdoor Info. is based in China, develop the global industry market includes many countries and regions around the world, and establishes long-term strategic cooperative relationships with well-known brands in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.

For more:

1). Official website: 


Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products

2). The official WeChat public account name:  


Google GMS: The important value for Emdoor rugged products


Phone: +86-(0)755-2372 2880

Email: marketing.info@emdoor.com

Address: Building 5th (Meigu), Mei Sheng Hui Gu Technology Park, Dabao Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen,China.