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How to Design a Rugged Handheld Terminal Device?

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2020

Handheld Terminal is divided into industrial handheld terminals and consumer handheld terminals. Industrial handheld terminals are better in performance, stability and battery durability than consumer grades. One of these types of handheld terminal devices is very popular in the product design industry, that is, three-proof handheld terminal devices, such as military three-proof mobile phone designs. I believe many designers have been exposed to such design projects. So what kind of dry goods and design skills are there in this kind of product design? The following Rugged Handheld Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Handheld Terminal

Handheld Terminal 

Tri-proof handheld terminal refers to handheld terminals with certain waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and anti-drop protection performance, such as tri-proof mobile phones, tri-proof walkie-talkies, three-proof outdoor elderly machines, three-proof pos machines, and three-proof scanners and many more. Structural protection is the key to the design of a three-proof handheld terminal. Sealing or semi-sealing measures should be taken for local components or the whole machine to isolate the equipment (or components) from the external environment. In order to avoid corrosion caused by mechanical stress, thermal stress, standing water or impurities, the following problems should be avoided in the structural design.

First, avoid water accumulation structure. The shape of the product is properly inclined, minimizing holes, grooves, etc., opening drainage and exhaust holes in the space where water may accumulate and retaining moisture, and avoiding uneven surfaces.

2. In the high humidity climate environment, try to avoid the use of spot welding, riveting, screw fastening and other structural forms. It is preferred to use sheet metal structure or the overall casting chassis structure to avoid crevice corrosion. Sealed or gasketed.

3. In the same structure, if different types of metals are used, one metal should be plated with a metal coating that allows contact with the second metal, or both metal materials should be plated with the same metal coating , Or coating an insulating protective layer or placing a gasket between the two metals, the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of the device should be taken into account at this time.

4. In the case that stress corrosion cracking may occur, attention should be paid to avoid structural forms that cause stress concentration, and appropriate technological measures should be taken to eliminate internal stress.

Fifth, the size of the thickest component that is most prone to corrosion and the largest corrosion is generally called the corrosion margin, which is generally twice the expected life. For parts that are susceptible to corrosion and must be maintained and replaced frequently, the structure should be guaranteed to be easy to repair and replace.

In short, in the design of a three-proof handheld terminal structure, most problems in the real environment can be avoided through proper structural design (structural protection). The above is the design principle of the rugged handheld terminal equipment introduced by the Rugged Tablets supplier. Hope to help you.