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How To Maintain The Industrial Control Display?

Pulished on Jan. 02, 2020

The industrial computer's case, motherboard, power supply, industrial LCD screen, touch screen and other components are selected to be able to adapt to the harsh industrial environment. In order to better maintain the working state of industrial machines, regular industrial computer maintenance is required. So how should routine maintenance be performed on the industrial computer? Don't worry, Rugged Tablet Manufacturer will come to tell you next.

1. Do not disassemble the hard disk at will, to avoid vibration and compression.

When transporting and moving the industrial computer, be sure to use antistatic plastic bags for packaging or use a shockproof material such as a sponge to stabilize it. It is best not to turn off the power of the machine while the hard disk is operating. If the machine suddenly shuts down, the hard drive track will be damaged and data will be lost. Also, don't touch the jumper on the hard disk casually. In the industrial computer operating system, when there are energy-saving functions, try to use them reasonably to extend the life of the hard disk.

In addition, you should always check for viruses to prevent them from invading your computer system.

2. Industrial Tablet uses a low-energy computing platform, which is stable and efficient. The all-metal structure is compact, sturdy, shock-proof, and anti-interference. The large-area aluminum fins dissipate heat, with low energy consumption and low noise. Versatility; front panel waterproof and dustproof design, in line with IP65 standard; industrial LCD panel, eliminate flicker, vivid colors, with multi-size touch screen, can meet the needs of different users.

Industrial Tablet

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3. Internal maintenance

When maintaining the industrial all-in-one, pay attention to the fact that the circuit board cannot be pulled out during charging. Do not use excessive force. You can use alcohol to clean the circuit board. Pay attention to the bottom plate of the industrial integrated machine to prevent the tool from scratching the bottom plate. Do not accumulate dust in the tank, as this will cause poor contact and even short circuit. Check whether the metal feet in the slot are aligned. Otherwise, it will affect the operation of the circuit board in the system, which may cause various phenomena such as no-display and shutdown.

In view of the above, in addition to accurate operation, you should also follow the accurate instructions for operation and maintenance to avoid reducing the occurrence of failures.

(1) If you are using a capacitive touch screen, it is recommended that you follow the instructions in the manual to accurately use the driver required for the capacitive display.

(2) When using the resistive type, if it is found that the mouse arrow has not moved or can only move in a local area, check whether other touching objects are pressed in the touch area of the touch screen. , It is equivalent to a point that has been touched, the coordinate position feedback to the controller is not accurate, and the mouse arrow will not display the positioning accurately.

(3) In order to ensure the normal operation of the touch screen system, in addition to ensuring that the system software is installed correctly, you must also remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on the host. This can easily lead to driver conflicts and cause the touch screen system.

The above is the method for maintenance of industrial computer display introduced by the Industrial Handheld supplier. I hope it can help everyone.