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The Role of Medical PDAs in Combating COVID-19

Pulished on Mar. 26, 2020

Now that the global epidemic is out, the domestic epidemic is about to win, but prevention and control is still urgent. At the critical moment of the new type of coronary pneumonia, medical workers everywhere fought without fear on the front line of the "war epidemic". They were called "the most beautiful" and "the loveliest people in the new era." The front-line staff of the epidemic wore closed protective clothing and shuttled between the nurse's station and the hospital bed every day. The treatment of many patients depended on their care, and their workload is self-evident.

"Three points of treatment, seven points of care" is about the importance of nursing work. Informationization of nursing work can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical staff and reduce workload. Medical staff only need to scan the QR code of personal information worn on the patient's hand with a medical Rugged PDA the size of a mobile phone, and they can immediately confirm the patient's identity, and quickly complete vital signs, medical order check, medical order execution, drug check, care For clerical input and specimen collection, the PDA system can also automatically remind the nurses: the time when the signs are collected, including temperature, pulse, breathing, blood pressure, and the amount of in and out, and the collected information is recorded to the patient's database in real time.

Rugged PDA

Rugged PDA

The informatization of hospitals is becoming increasingly popular and in-depth. Informatization of nursing work is an inevitable trend. Moving nurses to the patient's bed will greatly improve the efficiency of clinical nursing work.