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The application of vehicle-mounted regulated power supply in Emdoor rugged tablet

Technical background

The vehicle power supply is a battery device that can provide DC 12V or 24V voltage.However, since the driving of the car will affect the on-board circuit, the on-board power supply voltage is unstable. In order to enable the normal use of electronic products and electrical appliances in the car and to ensure the continuous stability of the electrical equipment, we need to install an on-board stabilized power supply at this time. It is used to provide and stabilize the power supply voltage when the vehicle equipment is working. And stabilize the power supply voltage that fluctuates greatly and does not meet the requirements of the equipment within the set value range, so that various circuits or vehicle-mounted equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage.


With the rapid development of smart warehousing, the traditional operation links that rely on human handling have begun to transform from mechanization to automation and intelligence.The emergence of smart forklifts coincides with this trend, and tablet terminals are indispensable for smart forklifts. We apply the on-board regulated power supply and the ndustrial panel pc to the smart forklift and other on-board projects at the same time. Not only can the forklift be automated and intelligently upgraded, but it can also perfectly solve the impact of the instability of the on-board power supply on the reliable operation of the rugged tablet terminal.


In vehicle-mounted project applications such as smart forklifts, the addition of a vehicle-mounted regulated power supply can maintain the normal operation of the industrial tablet and other vehicle-mounted equipment.When the voltage or load of the on-board equipment such as the rugged tablet terminal changes, the control circuit of the on-board stabilized power supply will sample, compare, and amplify it, and then drive the servo motor to rotate to change the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator. Adjust the coil turns ratio to maintain the stability of the voltage output to the rugged tablet terminal and other vehicle-mounted equipment.

In the application of smart forklifts and other vehicle-mounted projects, the on-board stabilized power supply can help the ruggedized tablet terminal to better complete the positioning and query of goods information, real-time data sharing, real-time tracking of forklift position, forklift route planning, etc., thereby improving work efficiency and realizing forklift Real-time scheduling and comprehensive monitoring management.

In the application of on-board projects such as smart forklifts, the on-board voltage stabilizer and the rugged tablet terminal can also be connected with UHF RFID readers and other devices. When the goods are in and out of the warehouse, they will automatically scan and read the electronic tags of the goods and storage  information, and transmit the data to the warehouse management system for real-time calculation and update. In this way, the warehouse manager can easily obtain various data information of the warehouse in real time.

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