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Advantages of Industrial Panel PC in Road Law Enforcement

1. Law enforcement staff can work without a time and space limit

The industrial panel pc can be directly used as a terminal, which can check some surveillance videos or data in the public security system and owns the function of electronic positioning, vehicle information query, etc. It is said that the function of the industrial panel pc is a portable computer.

When on duty outdoors, police officers can conduct outdoor meetings based on the cameras and microphones set by industrial panel pc, receiving meeting information in real-time and sharing content of the meeting with each other.

2. Real-time transmission of on-site information to the host device

Some equipment connected to the rugged tablet PC can be used to perform on-site information recording and inquiries on the vehicle and collect information and videos on the spot. It can also organize and plan the collection content according to the image processing tools set in the industrial panel pc to collect information, which can be quickly transmitted to the host device and such feature may be used more by investigators.

3. Simplify law-enforcement steps and improve efficiency

For some traffic department staff, the most uncomfortable thing is undoubtedly the cumbersome information searching when inquiring about vehicle violation information. On-site staff need to record the number plate of the violation vehicle, and then back-end staff are required to obtain a large amount of vehicle information. The next step is to be screened out, and then that can be processed. However, the use of industrial panel pc made by the rugged computer manufacturer makes the situation different. People can directly inquire and scan the vehicle information on the spot and directly allow the three-step process to be in place in one step, which can be said to greatly save the cost of the staff, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. Prevent the loss of information when accidents occur

In traffic work, some criminals will be emotionally excited and behave excessively so that the equipment is easily damaged, causing information loss. But the three-proof rugged tablet pc computer combines the three characteristics of waterproof, fall and dust prevention, which is effective in preventing the loss of information and other consequences caused by accidents in the law enforcement process.

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