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Emdoor Rugged Computers contain notebooks, tablets and handhelds for harsh and challenging environments, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions, and also for your ruggedized computing needs.
Industrial PCs
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Industrial PCs
Industrial PC is engineered for today's most extreme embedded and industrial applications, offers greater customization, reliability, and scalability.
Details of Industrial PCs
Customized Rugged PC
EHP110 portable hardness tester is suited for the hardness testing of metal and non-metal materials. This measurement are made in leeb scale and can be converted to HBC,HRB, HB, HV, HSD and Mpa.
Details of Customized Rugged PC

For nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience of the industrial laptop, Emdoor's Experts have designed more than 100 rugged mobile devices that withstand the toughest conditions to get your job done


Laboratory Space: Nearly 800 m²

Employees in Emdoor Group: Nearly 800 persons

Employees of R&D VS. Total Staff RATIO: More than 50%

What We provide: High-quality product and best service

Global Cooperation:

Emdoor rugged products have been exported to more than 50 countries. 

In addition, we have a long partnership with Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Google who have authorized to license the Windows and Android OS.

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Shenzhen Emdoor Information Co., Ltd. has been established by Emdoor Group which is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, rugged notebooks, rugged PCs, and vehicle mount computers, as well as a provider of customized hardware and software solutions. Aiming to become a professional rugged computer manufacturer, we will provide our customers with sincere service and excellent products.

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