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Emdoor EM-I86H Tablet is Accelerating Warehouse Operations

Emdoor EM-I86H Tablet is Accelerating Warehouse Operations

Customer background:

The client is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, processing, and sales in Henan, China. Since its establishment, it has been committed to developing new environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, rubber additives, rubber fillers, and new materials.


In the past, the client has always relied on worker memory and paper records for warehouse management. However, data confusion caused by human error and management inconvenience caused by the loss of paper documents has lowered the overall operational efficiency of the warehouse. To establish efficient warehouse management and improve order processing capabilities, the customer intends to adopt a complete WMS system coordinated with computer equipment to automate the warehouse operating process. Still, the warehouse's poor use environment makes it difficult for the customer to choose suitable equipment.


With the seamless collaboration between Emdoor's rugged tablet EM-I86H and the WMS system, customer enterprises can automatically collect information on incoming and outgoing goods, eliminating manual input errors and accelerating the warehouse's efficient and lean operation. And tablet with barcode scanner can upload real-time data wirelessly to ensure that all data-related warehouse management details are quickly and accurately organized, avoiding repetitive and unnecessary work.


Computer equipment operating in warehouses is subject to drops, dust, vibration, and high and low temperatures. Rugged tablet with barcode scanner like the Emdoor EM-I86H, which passed MIL-STD-810G, and IP65 tests, can fully handle any issues that may arise in a factory environment and provide workers with reliability for everyday use. Even with many obstacles in the warehouse, the EM-I86H's powerful wireless connection still enables real-time communication speeds with the WMS software, which is critical to improving the operation of the entire warehouse process.



Under the pressure of increasingly fierce market competition, the customer company realizes it is imminent to establish a centralized information management system to fully grasp the data in all aspects of daily warehouse operations and accelerate process automation from goods inbound to outbound. But for many years, the only way for the client company to enter critical data information was through manual recording and circulation of paper documents. This cumbersome and error-prone process reduces the ability to coordinate inventory, process orders, and deliver a highly responsive customer service experience. Thus, the client determined to deploy a warehouse management system (WMS) and computer equipment to the warehouse.

When considering equipment, the customer first thinks of ordinary consumer computers with familiarity. But unfortunately, consumer computers aren't durable enough to withstand the harsh industrial environments —long-term computing tasks under conditions whose unsuitability may cause maintenance costs to increase over time. 

Only a rugged tablet with excellent durability, shock resistance, wireless communication capabilities, and long battery life is the best choice to assist warehouse personnel in running their business efficiently.


After several rigorous tests on multiple ruggedized mobile computing devices in a warehouse environment, Emdoor's EM-I86H rugged tablet was finally proven to be the most suitable PC for customer operations management systems. It provides workers in expansive warehouse spaces with secure, continuous system access to reduce lag time for data collection and distribution without sacrificing computing power or application loading speed.

Since 52 rugged tablets EM-I86H were installed in the crane operation room of the customer's factory through the vehicle-mounted bracket to run the alumina storage scheduling operation with the WMS management system, the order processing speed of the customer's factory has also increased by 30%. Now the warehouse staff of the customer's factory can receive the latest alumina scheduling instructions online from the business & production side and upload timely data to management for review only using the EM-I86H tablet. 

The systematic, digital way of working reduces the costly loss of delayed data reporting and data entry errors in the past, allowing order operators to receive orders, process goods, record data, and quickly complete orders efficiently possible. At the same time, it also allows the warehouse department to grasp the order situation in time and make reasonable resource allocations.


Retrieve any production order without restrictions

Operators at the customer's plant can enter warehouse workflow data or retrieve any production order without restrictions, and warehouse management can keep track of current inventory levels, all thanks to the EM-I86H ruggedized tablet.

Accurate, real-time data transmission

The EM-I86H tablet provides warehouse operators a stable connection function anytime and anywhere through a WIFI wireless communication network. It allows operators to access the WMS system instantly and remotely update order status and all data information of warehouse management. It uses electronic data interchange to replace the old standard process of handwritten pick lists and inventory update forms to reduce the possibility of human error with high transparency.

Efficient order fulfillment

With the rugged tablet EM-I86H, order placing and warehouse management is no longer as cumbersome as they used to be. The production and commercial departments can generate the inbound and outbound demand directly and transmit orders to the operation department. They can also quickly obtain the latest report on the inventory level and sales progress through the system. The process simplified by the EM-I86H tablet ensures that the customer's company can fulfill customer orders on time.

Reduceing Downtime

The EM-I86H rugged tablet is MIL-STD-810G drop and vibration certified, and IP65 tested, meaning it can survive drops up to 1.22 meters, frequent shaking, dust, and water. Its robustness reduces the time spent routinely maintaining equipment, allowing employees to concentrate on the task.

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