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Emdoor Rugged Computers contain Notebooks, Tablets and Handhelds for harsh and challenging environments,

such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions, and also for your ruggedized computing needs.

Emdoor Rugged Products Show
Rugged Notebook
Rugged Notebook
Rugged Notebook has performance and features comparable to those of a consumer notebook, and with higher security and ruggedness.
Rugged Notebook Details
Rugged Tablet
Rugged Tablet
Rugged Tablet is perfect for many field applications where processing power, low weight and maximum portability are crucial.
Rugged Tablet Details
Rugged Handheld
Rugged Handheld
Rugged Handheld is designed for the job at hand, with smaller and lighter appearance for easy handing, integrated with barcode scanners.
Rugged Handheld Details
Industrial PC
Industrial PC
Industrial PC is engineered for today's most extreme embedded and industrial applications, offers greater customization, reliability, and scalability.
Industrial PC Details
We can provide you with HD & high-brightness screen products. It has a wide color gamut, high-brightness, and low color cast to ensure that they can be clearly visible even under the sun at any outdoor scenes, which greatly improves the outdoor performance. It can also be matched with the Corning Gorilla touch screen, which guarantees the visual experience while taking into account the durable of the screen to escort continuous work.
Emdoor has professional barcode scanning modules, covering industrial and commercial applications to meet all your needs. It can be easily solved even if the information is damaged, dirty or unclear. More efficient and comprehensive support, more friendly secondary development services.
Emdoor supply professional fingerprint recognition module to provide more accurate, efficient and safe biometric technology for special needs. And can be equipped with different identification solutions that meet the needs of various industries.
Emdoor provide high-performance UHF recognition products, with powerful UHF reading and writing capabilities, including long-distance recognition and group reading functions, which can meet the application requirements of high-intensity, large-volume and accurate identification industry scenarios. We not only have excellent UHF reading and writing ability, but also have a comfortable grip, and are more ergonomic design, which greatly improves the work efficiency and user experience in inventory application scenarios.
Emdoor can not only provide you with a wealth of standardized products to choose from, but also can configure various modules, including but not limited to infrared recognition, 3D camera, ID card recognition, NFC function, RFID recognition, BD/GPS positioning function etc,.
Emdoor Spotlights
Innovation First
Be upgraded, can complete the drilling construction stably in the extremely hot region
Stablity First
Work normally in the severe cold place
Adaptation First
Work for you in high altitude areas
Efficiency First
Your effective assistants in open-air drilling projects
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Feb 03,2021
Emdoor Info 2020 Annual Management Conference
Emdoor Info 2020 Annual Management Conference
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Feb 02,2021
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2020 in Review--Five Numbers Reviews Most Significant Events of Emdoor Info in 2020
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Feb 02,2021

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