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Acer is ENDURO Series

Acer is the top two computers manufacturing company based in Taiwan and has formed a multi-brand ecosystem through years of layout. Acer takes "breaking the barriers between technologies and people" as its historical mission, adheres to humanized design, and persistently develops care technology to provide consumers with easy-to-use and reliable

Project Introduction of Acer's ENDURO Series

In recent years, the rugged PC market has developed rapidly, and rugged equipment has become a new trend. Acer, which is market-oriented, will target the integrated applications of the IoT and service-oriented technologies in the future, launching more integrated applications and products that combine software, hardware, and services for the consumer and commercial markets.

Acer's ENDURO series of rugged PC is designed to be rugged and durable, capable of meeting the durability, mobility, and computing performance required by field operations and harsh environments.

According to Acer's needs, Emdoor Info has used 8 years of industry technology precipitation to help it solve the problems in the rugged technology field.

Acer's ENDURO Series

Project Difficulties of Acer's ENDURO Series

1. Super battery life, long time to use, and high requirements for the accuracy and safety of battery parameters;

2. ACER has strict requirements for software and high requirements for system adaptation.

Acer's ENDURO Series

Project Effectiveness of Acer's ENDURO Series

1. With careful design and deployment, it must also ensure that its weight and thickness meet the standards. Provide quality products for the "first show" of Acer's ENDURO series.

2. Solving battery life and battery issues are the most common challenges, providing a highly secure and scalable solution. It is also a unique advantage to improve ACER's competitiveness in the rugged market.

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