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Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

Littlemore Innovation Labs is an EdTech company based in Singapore. By cooperating with the world's leading educational institutions, enabling end-to-end paperless examinations to change the process. They have a complete development center in Chennai, which is located at the same location as the IIT Madras Research Park, which has brought great efficiency to the education system of developed and developing countries.

Project Introduction of Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

PEXA is a secure paperless exam ecosystem, consisting of customized software and hardware. This ecosystem includes a specially developed security system and cloud services, making it an end-to-end solution for students, faculty and administrators. Biometric technology restricts access and prevents counterfeiting.

According to PEXA's needs, Emdoor Info customized a special device for it. Using a high-quality screen, it feels like a real paper. At the same time, it has powerful performance and can be equipped with various integrated tools (such as calculators, fine-calibrated geometric instruments, various "papers", including plain paper, ruled paper and graphic paper) and long-term inspection. After continuous running-in and testing, we successfully provided it with a perfect device, named DigiTaal, which allows multimedia and other rich content to be used in the exam.

Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

Project Difficulties of Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

1. Efficient touch screen, long use time to use, and requirements for clarity;

2. The customer requires dual SD cards, an interface should be reserved, and the weight should be as light as possible.

Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

Project Effectiveness of Littlemore Innovation Education Machine

1. DigiTaal participates in the entire exam, digitizes the exam and completes it digitally, thereby eliminating the need for paper in the entire process.

2. Solve the most common challenges of pen-and-paper descriptive exams, while providing a highly secure and scalable solution, and provide many unique advantages.

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