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Rugged Notebooks

Emdoor Rugged Notebooks have strong processing performance, can support Intel i5/i7 high-performance processors, supports windows7/windows10 operating systems.

Rich interfaces, support for dual network ports, and some interfaces of the industrial-grade laptop can be modified to aviation interfaces according to customer needs. 

Long battery life, dual-battery design, and flexible use ensure continuous, uninterrupted outdoor work and efficient work.

Under harsh environments, Emdoor durable laptops are not for but with solid adaptability and vitality under extreme environments.

Mainly used in surveying, mapping, shipbuilding, electric, petroleum, chemical, and other industries, the fully rugged laptop plays an important role.

Types of Rugged Notebook

Features of Rugged Notebook


of Rugged Notebook

High performance
High performance

Ruggedized notebook is built with high-performance intel i5/i7 processors, enhanced graphics performance, and good connectivity for all your needs.

Flexible options
Flexible options

The rugged desktop computer features modular or swappable slots for batteries or storage drives, giving your flexible and replaceable upgrade options without interrupting your current workflow.

Two shapes
Two shapes

Rugged desktop PC includes a traditional rugged notebook and a 2-in-1 rugged notebook, which can be used as a notebook or a tablet with detachable keyboards.

Features of Rugged Laptops

FAQs of Rugged Notebook

Are you the original device manufacturer?
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Yes, the PCBA and mould of our rugged laptop are entirely independent R&D of Emdoor Info, and the cost of the mold is over 1.5 million dollars. Our company is the source producer of industrial computer products like rugged touch screen laptop that many agents purchase goods from us. We have been engaged in the R&D and production of rugged laptop computers for a long time within the industry. At present, our staff is more than 600 people, among them the R & D personnel is more than 50%.

What kind of services do you provide?
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As one of the most responsible rugged laptop manufacturers, Emdoor has provided ODM service for nearly 17 years, there are two business models, one is achieving OEM service with customer's brand based on the self-developed standard rugged laptop computers, the other is offering ODM service according to customer individual needs, including appearance design, structure design, mold development, soft hardware development, technical support and etc.

What are your product lines?
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There are four self-developed product lines:

1.Rugged Product Series: Rugged handheld (4’’/5’’/6’’), rugged tablet (7’’/8’’/10’’/11.6’’/12.2’’), rugged notebook (11.6’’/12.2’’/14’’/15.6’’).

2.Industrial Product Series: Heavy-duty panel PC (8’’/10’’/12’’/15’’), light-duty panel PC (10’’-21’’), fanless embedded PC.

3.Vehicle-Mount Product Series: Heavy-duty vehicle mount computer, light-duty vehicle mount tablet.

4.Medical Product Series: Medical PDA, medical tablet, digital medical display terminal.

Sample and delivery?
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Delivery time of rugged laptops for sale:

For standard orders of 1-200 units, Emdoor enough stock for delivery 1-3 days after receiving the full payment. 

For modified orders of 1-200 units, our company would deliver 1-2 weeks after receiving the full payment in the case of enough stock. 

For large orders involving the re-procurement and re-production process, the delivery would spend around 2-3 months after receiving the deposit.

How about the after service?
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Emdoor guarantees: 1-year warranty from the date of delivery. 

Free repairing is available for functional problems of non-artificial damage, otherwise, you'll be charged. 

For foreign after-sales problem, FAE remote technical support and maintenance materials sending will be arranged first, FAE can also be sent to repair abroad, or you can directly send damaged products back to the maintenance centre in Hongkong, where we will repair and send back to you.

FAQs of Rugged Notebook
Why do you recommend the emdoor T7 series rugged tablet, especially for field workers?
Why do you recommend the emdoor T7 series rugged tablet, especially for field workers?
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