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Rugged PC in Public Industry

Emdoor's rugged and durable equipment provides more convenience for the Public Industry. Whether on patrol or in an emergency, Emdoor devices allow you to keep in touch with the command center and your colleagues to ensure everyone's safety and informed. No fear of rain, snow, wind, and sand, always accompany you to stick to your post.

Rugged PC in Public Industry

Reliable safety partner

Your job doesn’t stop when the weather changes, and our solutions are built to work in extreme situations. Our solutions can be used on sunny days with 1,000 nits of brightness, providing clearly readable screens. If it is raining, or cold enough to be wearing gloves, use our touchscreens with confidence; our touchscreens function as reliably as in good conditions. Our technology allows for Emdoor devices to be used with fingers, gloves, in the rain, with a pen, or with a stylus.


Electronic records, data collection, and data entry have become critical to effective law enforcement. Our solutions offer security in a variety of ways, including fingerprint readers, smart card readers, and NFC.


The working hours of law enforcement officers are often unpredictable, sometimes even as long as dozens of hours. You need mobile technology that adapts as quickly as you do. Emdoor offers laptops that can be mounted in your car and removed quickly, converting into a tablet with a touchscreen in the field. Emdoor’s lightweight, easy-to-carry, and configurable mobile devices are your perfect choice.

Rugged PC in Public Industry

No matter where you are, you can easily get first-hand information

In an emergency, the delay of information may have serious consequences. No matter where you are, Emdoor offers powerful WiFi and 4G LTE cellular connection to help you stay connected. In addition, Emdoor solutions reduce download and upload time during traffic stops.

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