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The Fog and Haze Penetration System

The Fog and Haze Penetration System


Expressways often cause serious traffic accidents due to haze weather. According to statistics, severe weather like this is generally more than 20 days a year in most parts of the country. This kind of weather brings traffic to traffic. In order to reduce potential hazards and risks, the management dept. usually takes measures such as suspension, cutting the flights, which has caused many inconveniences and economic losses. According to the statistics of the transportation department, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the road blocking incidents are caused by heavy fog reported by the local government. In order to solve the problems, a  company developed a set of haze penetration vision systems to provide solutions for the problem of haze weather.


1. Low visibility and is prone to traffic accidents;

2. The scene of the accident cannot be clearly presented, which makes it difficult to determine the responsibility of  the accident;

3. Vehicles that violate regulations cannot be identified, and it is difficult to obtain evidence for violations;

4. Ordinary camera cannot see clearly, KM transparent fog camera can clearly show the live scene.


In response to the specific needs of customers, Emdoor Info recommended an embedded fanless IPC EM-MP150JA. The fanless industrial PC is equipped with Intel J1900 processor,  4G+128G memory, and reserved expansion memory location, rich interfaces: two USB ports, 2*RS485 serial ports, 1*HDMI, 1*VGA, 1*network port, 1*Mini PCIe. The industrial tablet PC also has different installation methods to meet the needs of different scenarios. This is an in-vehicle product that is equipped with EM-MP150JA for image collection and processing and is equipped with a haze penetration system, which can penetrate fog within 100 meters and can be used for road traffic in the future.

EM-MP150J the Fog and Haze Penetration System.

The Fog and Haze Penetration System


Real-time automatic

Real-time automatic sensing and collection of information on road conditions, road environment, abnormal events, traffic conditions, etc., to improve driving safety.

Solve the problem of the low visibility of outdoor surveillance equipment

Improve its visual distance and video clarity in low visibility.

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