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Emdoor Panel PC For Intelligent Transportation System

Traffic congestion, traffic accidents and environmental pollution have become the most pressing problems in modern society. Resulting in huge energy consumption and time waste. Traffic chaos is a huge problem in all major cities, and nearly hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives every year because of traffic accidents around the world. Retrograde is one of the factors that caused traffic accidents. 


With the advent of intelligent information technology, more and more intelligent devices have came out. Many cities have begun to build intelligent transportation systems in order to ease traffic pressure and supervise drivers to consciously comply with traffic rules. The implementation of non-stop operation in city's traffic network has improved the overall level of urban safety prevention, and has closely coordinated and harmonized people, vehicles and roads. It not only greatly relieves traffic pressure during the peak period, but also effectively prevents traffic accidents.

Due to irreversible factors such as natural geography, traffic routes are complex and lengthy around the world, especially in the bustling urban centers, roads are more winding. Even car navigation can not keep up with the route changes. As an effective means of modern road traffic safety management, the electronic  enforcement system based on industrial panel pc plays an important role in improving urban traffic congestion.

Considering that electronic enforcement system needs to be carried out in harsh environment such as outdoor for a long time, so ordinary commercial equipment cannot meet the needs of its working environment. Therefore, the cost-effective panel pc that can withstand extreme weather becomes one of the best choices for the intelligent transportation system.

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