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A Forklift Intelligent Management in US (1)

A Forklift Intelligent Management in US (1)


With the rapid development of smart storage, affected by external factors such as rising labour costs, the traditional manual operation has begun to transform from mechanization to automation and intelligence. Therefore, the market demand for intelligent forklifts continues to increase. As a well-known forklifts company in the US, an automated and intelligent upgrade is the most urgent need now.


1. Unfamiliar with product information, resulting in an inefficient selection of goods;

2. Don't know the operating position and situation, resulting in confusion of management and low utilization; 

3. The traditional operation process is complex, slow, and difficult.


In response to the intelligent upgrade needs, Emdoor Info recommended a rugged tablet -- EM-I16H to them. And equipped with a vehicle mount, the rugged tablet and forklift can be used perfectly. This rugged tablet PC windows 10 supports information query, automatic positioning, and system command scheduling, which is convenient and efficient, improves efficiency, reduces fatigue, promotes job safety, and fulfils the company's updated needs.

A Forklift Intelligent Management in US

A Forklift Intelligent Management in US (1)


Tablet PC

The rugged tablet PC supports query and positioning, and real-time data sharing, which helps improve work efficiency and reduce communication costs;

GPS positioning

Forklift position tracking, real-time dispatching, monitoring and management;


Guide the forklift to the next shelf in the fastest route, letting the operator complete more work in less time.

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