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Garment Brand Advertising

Garment Brand Advertising


Nowadays, with the enhancement of corporate brand marketing awareness and the intensified market competition, modern means and advanced technology is the magic weapon to defeat the opponent. This customer is a large global clothing brand, with more than 8000+ stores worldwide. In addition to the original sales functions, the customer hopes that it can also improve marketing, service, and comprehensive information release.


1. Consumers cannot intuitively obtain pictures and other information related to the product;

2. Printing of publicity materials for a long time, which increases the cost of publicity and is not environmentally friendly;

3. The information release cycle is long, the misreading rate is large, and the waste of resources such as manpower and time is increased;

4. The stores are scattered and there is no complete and unified management.


In response to the needs of customers, Emdoor Info has provided a kind of custom rugged laptop for some customers. They support 8-inch, 10-inch, and 15-inch. Each store is expected to install 20 to 30. EM-I15H is a 10 inch rugged tablet and has many good features. Quick deployment, practical functions, convenient and fast, can better provide chain brand corporate promotion, latest product promotion, unified marketing, etc., and bring convenience to the enterprise. Contact us for more information about Emdoor and rugged tablet computers.

EM-I15H Garment Brand Advertising

Garment Brand Advertising


Timely release

Release the latest information on shopping guides, products, and promotions on time to make information dissemination more timely and efficient;

Improve personalized service

Carry out all-round brand promotion and product detail promotion, and meanwhile, the advertisement replacement is faster;

Increase popularity

Reduce the cost of brand and product promotion, increase popularity, and attract the attention of consumers;

Advertising system

The advertising system is controlled by the same system to ensure the synchronization of information release;

Increasing brand

Improve consumer shopping experience and stimulate consumption, thereby increasing their brand awareness and sales.

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