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How Can Industrial Handheld Ruggedized Tablet PCs Cope with Complex Environments?

With the development trend of big data technology, the traditional manual input method is increasingly unable to meet the development trend of the company. Therefore, the office methods of many companies have begun to change from traditional to information-based management. More and more companies use industrial-grade mobile handheld ruggedized tablets to collect and organize data to improve fieldwork efficiency and company competitiveness.

For companies that need to purchase industrial-grade mobile handheld ruggedized tablets, mastering some purchasing guidelines and skills is necessary, because there are various consumer manufacturers and product types on the market.

1. Operating system of handheld ruggedized tablet

The operating system of the handheld terminal is generally divided into the Windows system and the Android system. The Windows operating system is relatively stable, while the Android operating system can support secondary development. Enterprises can choose according to their own needs.

2. The processor (CPU) of the handheld ruggedized tablet

The improvement of indicators such as the number of bits and the main frequency of the CPU can speed up the data processing speed of the handheld rugged tablet and the stability of the operation.

3. The scanning head of the handheld ruggedized tablet PC

At present, the scanning head can be divided into one-dimensional scanning and two-dimensional scanning. It should be noted that the two-dimensional head can scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional, while the one-dimensional scanning head can only scan one dimension.

4. RFID read/write function of handheld ruggedized tablet

RFID technology has the advantages of being waterproof, anti-magnetic, high-temperature resistance, long service life, large reading interval, tag data encryption, larger storage data capacity, freedom to change stored information, etc., which are not available in barcodes. RFID is further divided into low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency.

5. Industrial protection grade of handheld ruggedized tablet

In many cases, the application environment of industrial tablets is relatively harsh. The higher the industrial protection level, the higher the stability of the product's operation in these environments.

For example, oil pollution, cold outdoors, and cold chain links have higher requirements on the protection level of products.

6. Explosion-proof performance of handheld reinforced tablet PC

In some special industrial applications, such as chemical plants, gas stations, etc., the handheld ruggedized tablet PC must have explosion-proof performance before it can be used.

Due to the complexity of the industrial environment, rugged tablet manufacturers have set up many customizable functions to meet the needs of enterprises. It is best to customize the rugged product according to its own application scenarios and project needs.

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