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Inbound Management of Warehouse Industry

With the increasing market competition, it is of utmost importance for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. Warehousing and logistics management are now widely used in various industries. However, due to the low level of industry informatization and facility automation, inventory management is chaotic, express package information is scattered, and low efficiency often occurs. Designing and establishing a complete set of warehouse management processes, improving warehouse turnover rate, reducing the occupation of operating funds, and reducing the cost caused by eliminating warehousing are the important parts of improving production efficiency for enterprises.

Emdoor INFO's rugged handheld terminals and tablet pcs instead of traditional manual operations help enterprises easily realize digital and transparent management. Barcode recognition technology collects and inquires on cargo information. Therefore, I divide the whole Warehouse & Logistics management into seven parts, and this article focuses on the first parts. I will share the following parts in the next six blogs every week.

Inbound Management


Whenever an express package needs to be put into the warehouse, the courier should manually check the category, size, and quantity of all packages, relying on paper to record the cargo information and manually entering the checked data into the express delivery system. However, such a cumbersome and inefficient method cannot cope with the workload when many packages are put into storage simultaneously, and it is easy to make mistakes due to human factors, resulting in deviations between the system data and the actual situation.


Emdoor INFO's rugged handheld terminals supporting the express management system can upgrade the traditional operation method to efficient and intelligent mobile operation. The courier only uses the rugged handheld to scan the barcode/electronic label of the product to register the product in the warehouse and then upload the data directly to the back-end database system. As a result, the work efficiency and work quality in commodity storage are improved, and manual operation error is avoided.


1. If we bring barcode scanning and RFID technology into cargo management. For example, a courier can quickly and accurately collect cargo information by scanning the barcode label information of inbound cargo through EM-Q51.

2. When a large number of express parcels arrive, the courier only needs to use the EM-Q51 intelligent terminal with an RFID handle to realize remote batch reading. Thus, even the heavy workload can be solved.

3. EM-Q51's rear camera function can take photos of abnormal packages, which is more convenient for handling problem packages.

4. The recorded information will be transmitted to the database system through the network, and the courier will no longer need to copy the transcript by hand, realizing a paperless office.

5. The location of the goods after the storage is clear on the handheld. Therefore, the courier can quickly and accurately find a certain product simultaneously, saving many human resources and material resources, which is conducive to controlling operating costs.

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