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Intelligent Fleet Management

Intelligent Fleet Management


With the rapid development of wireless network technology, the competition faced by the fleet service industry is becoming increasingly fierce. At this stage, the level of informatization of fleet management is low, and there are many problems. If there is an error, it will not only reduce the transportation efficiency of the fleet but also lay a safety hazard for future work. Therefore, how to improve the daily management level of the fleet and ensuring the safety of vehicle information is very important.


1. Unable to obtain precise location and arrival time in operating vehicles, and unable to track their driving.

2. Drivers drive irregularly, causing damage to vehicles and increasing company operating costs.

3. The driver's whereabouts and behaviour outside are not monitored by the company.

4. Manual management needs to fill in a large number of reports, which cannot accurately record the actual operation of the vehicle.


In response to the question of how to improve fleet management, Emdoor Info recommended the EM-T86, a ruggedized computer as a vehicle device. This terminal can collect vehicle operation information in all directions and from multiple angles, and the system can provide optimal traffic solutions based on data such as driving speed and vehicle distance. Managers can monitor the position information and running tracks of all vehicles in real-time, realize dynamic visual management and maximize the utilization of fleet management resources. As a famous rugged tablet OEM in China, Emdoor can provide you with the best rugged windows tablet. Contact us now and place an order.

EM-T86 Intelligent Fleet Management

Intelligent Fleet Management


Real-time recording

Record the driver's route, speed, work log in real-time and upload it to the management system to provide accurate data information.

Provide precise lines

Reduce line errors, detours, wrong paths, etc., reduce fuel consumption, and environmental protection.

Accurately obtain information

Regulate driving behaviour, and effectively guarantee the transportation safety of personnel and goods.

External camera

The external camera collects video image information, which can monitor and record vehicles and personnel.

It is easy to disassemble and assemble when used with the bracket

And can be used to scan the shipping documents, which is simple, convenient and efficient.

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