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Outstanding! Emdoor Info launched 4 to 10 inch Qualcomm series of rugged products

Pulished on May. 09, 2020

One of Emdoor Info's "troika": A-A system product chip "Qualcomm"

Outstanding! Emdoor Info launched 4 to 10 inch Qualcomm series of rugged products

     Emdoor Info's layout in 2020 according to the product platform direction is mainly Wintel (that is, Windows-Intel) system products, A-A (that is, Android-ARM) system products, and localized (Phytium-Kirin) system products.

    The Wintel system product has established a reputation for Emdoor Info in the early stage of the rugged industry. It is classic and stable, so it is still used today. The editor of the mainstream localized (Phytium-Kylin) system products has been introduced in the last Press release.       

    The Android-ARM (A-A) system products have lower technical barriers in the market of the rugged industry. For example, the open source of the Android code, unlike Windows requires a Key or other reasons, the quality status is uneven. Various types of non-dual color injection molded pseudo rugged terminal products appearing in the Android version have formed a flooding trend in the low-end market, affecting user experience.

Outstanding! Emdoor Info launched 4 to 10 inch Qualcomm series of rugged products


    In order to ensure the disparity advantage in "A-A system products", Emdoor Info R & D Center has been fully deploying the Qualcomm chip of the rugged A-A system products from the second half of 2019. Based on the unchanged appearance of the rugged mold, the product size ranges from 4 inch to 10 inch,a total of 9 models named after the Q letter are officially equipped with Qualcomm MSM8953 SoC and its sets.

    The important reason why Emdoor Info "A-A System Products" chose Qualcomm is that it has a leading advantage in the technology and quality of intelligent mobile terminals. Although the rugged products are very different from consumer products, in the chip field, except Apple, Huawei, Samsung have the ability to make their own chips, nearly half of the world's mid-to-high-end smartphone processors are equipped with Qualcomm.

Outstanding! Emdoor Info launched 4 to 10 inch Qualcomm series of rugged products


    The advantages of Emdoor Info Choice and Qualcomm in cooperation with overseas high-end industry users are:

    1). Advantages of leading SoC and high integration:

    SoC (System-on-a-Chip) literally means that all systems are built on one chip, including but not limited to integrated CPU related to computing, GPU related to graphics processing, ISP related to shooting, network communication related Modem (baseband), DSP (digital signal processing), Codec (encoder) and other core chips.

    Although the existence of SoC on the motherboard is a chip, but there are many of the above components in the package. At present, there are not many brands of SoC manufacturers, and Qualcomm's SoC integration is the highest in the industry, and its performance is also strong. In terms of the internal structure of the three-proof mobile terminal product "inch soil inch gold", the Qualcomm chip has released ample motherboard design space and good electronic performance. In "A-A system products", if the CPU chip based on ARM and the only operating system based on Android are the key to the product experience. Then Modem (baseband) chip is the core soul of the product. It can be said that there is no "mobile" without a baseband chip. The two together form the cornerstone of mobile terminal products. Qualcomm's performance advantage with Modem (baseband) chips is the best in the industry.

    Moreover, Qualcomm's CPU, GPU, ISP, baseband and other chips in the SoC are all concentrated and independently developed, and they are self-owned, with excellent performance and maintaining absolute leading strength in the industry. In order to distance ours from other products in the "A-A system products" market, it is officially introduced to the high-end market for industry applications.


    2). Advantages of 3G / 4G patented technology in the field of communication:

    Although the 5G era has already arrived, the industry's reliance on 4G remains entrenched. In some backward countries, 3G is still the mainstream. Qualcomm has the advantage of independent research and development on SoC. More importantly, Qualcomm's CDMA patents that is still unsurpassed in the industry.

    In the 3G era, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA2000, all of which are closely related to Qualcomm’s CDMA technology sources, are all 3G standards. At that time, there were many operators around the world, and many network standards were supported. A mobile terminal communication device needs to develop three versions of mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications in China. It is very troublesome to enter the overseas market, it must use an external baseband. In this way, the product will affect the stability of the product, the function switching is also very difficult, and the cost is higher. Even in the 4G era, there are two modes of LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD, which still cannot bypass Qualcomm's CDMA technology source. After Qualcomm launched Snapdragon Netcom, all difficulties were solved. Using Snapdragon's SoC, through fine-tuning of software and hardware, mobile communication terminal equipment can meet the needs of various operators.

Emdoor Info's Q series rugged products are Qualcomm's Snapdragon full Netcom products, which almost take into account all the communication needs of different users. Even if the customer's operator has specific requirements for network support, we only need to shield the unnecessary frequency bands on the three-proof product software, which greatly shortens the shipment cycle.

    In order to meet the high-quality needs of overseas high-end users, this time we chose to develop rugged products of Qualcomm SoC. Looking at the A-A system product field of the three-defense market, Qualcomm products do not have many products in the three-defense industry, which is unique. Most of the price wars in the industry are non-Qualcomm SoC products.


Qualcomm MSM8953 (Snapdragon 625) equipped with rugged products of Emdoor Info


    The MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 series ranges from 4 inch to 10 inch. The rugged products named after the Q series are: Q41, Q51, Q66, Q75, Q86, Q88, Q15, Q16, Q18, a total of 9 models. Professional rugged two-color mold injection, structural three-proof protection grade is IP65 ~ IP67, equipped with 1D / 2D scanning, NFC, UHF, fingerprint recognition, high brightness screen (up to 1000nit) and other industrial application parts and modules.



    It includes 4 models that have been certified by Google GMS Android 9.0, which are 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch. Because Qualcomm is different from the MTK chip architecture, the chip-related drivers have their own set of codes, such as camera, audio, display, etc., reflected in the android hal / kernel. The framework is roughly the same as the native android. In order to implement some features, it will also be different change. Since Edo Information R & D Center cut into the Qualcomm platform in the second half of last year, it has made a lot of efforts to adapt to the Qualcomm platform and accumulated a lot of valuable technical experience, and finally made 4 products equipped with the Qualcomm platform successfully pass Google's strict GMS certification (Android 9.0 version).

    The Qualcomm Android version interface is different from the MTK Android version interface. The former is Android 9.0, the dawn background; the latter is Android 8.1, and the color fragmented background.



Qualcomm MSM8953 (Snapdragon 625) chip performance parameters:


    Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 is Qualcomm's first mid-range processor chip with 14nm advanced technology, eight low-power A53 architecture cores, and the highest frequency can reach 2.0GHz. It can last longer battery life and ensure better heat control, especially for the rugged products that work outdoors in high temperature environment.

    The CPU part also supports 4k @ 30fps video codec capabilities, coupled with Qualcomm's mature noise reduction, real-time HDR, image stitching and other technologies, and even allows MSM8953 to have excellent performance in VR / AR / 360 ° panoramic cameras and other products. The GPU part uses Adreno 506, a PC-level graphics processor, and the image display is more vivid and the picture is smoother.

    More importantly, Qualcomm's SoC can continue to provide stable supply for 5 to 7 years in product lifecycle planning. This is a stable and continuous guarantee for industry users who only need to ensure stability. And industry terminal products such as law enforcement recorders commonly used by domestic and foreign military polices are currently commonly used Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625.

The main frequency, core, and thread performance are compared with the ladder diagram of the MT8735A of the E-channel T series rugged product as follows:


    Although the performance of the two is different, the T series rugged products of Emdoor Info are still very popular in the low-end market. The adoption of Qualcomm MSM8953 is geared towards the high-end market, and the difference in performance reflects the difference in market positioning. In the end, with the same solid self-developed rugged product appearance, it can meet the needs of customers in different market positions of high, middle and low end.