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Emdoor Information Establishes Enterprise-Level Research Institute, Pioneering the Frontier of AI Native Interaction

As the new wave of the AI era surges forward, bolstered by new technological paradigms such as generative artificial intelligence, the pace of technological innovation accelerates. On the occasion of its one-year anniversary since going public, Emdoor Information announces the establishment of an enterprise research institute. Actively embracing emerging technologies and trends, the company takes the initiative to explore innovative territories in AI-native interaction solutions, continuously striving for industry leadership through relentless innovation.

 Emdoor Research Institute

The inaugural ceremony of the Emdoor Research Institute took place at the auditorium of Emdoor Building on January 21. Attended by representatives including Mr. Guo Zhi, General Manager of Emdoor Research Institute; Dr. Zhang Jiaxing, Chair Professor of the Research Institute; Mr. Zhang Bowen, Director of External Cooperation Department; Mr. Zhang Zhiyu, Chairman of Emdoor Information; and other relevant figures, the plaque unveiling event marked a significant moment.


During the ceremony, Chairman Zhang Zhiyu and General Manager Guo Zhi jointly unveiled the plaque for the Emdoor Research Institute.



Chairman Zhang Zhiyu expressed in his speech, "Emdoor's development has always adhered to technological innovation and talent cultivation. The establishment of the research institute not only represents a further strengthening of our technological capabilities for the future but also demonstrates our expectations, methods, and commitment to the rapid implementation of new technology applications and practices."


Chairman Zhang Zhiyu

In his remarks, General Manager Guo Zhi stated, "Emdoor keenly recognizes the imminent opportunities arising at the intersection of human-machine interaction as the interface, artificial intelligence as the engine, and spatial intelligence as the carrier. The research institute will actively recruit talent, foster an environment of open innovation, embrace ecosystems, and use innovation to drive technological progress, making leading technology more accessible to everyone.


General Manager Guo Zhi

Emdoor Information is a leading provider of intelligent hardware products and solutions with research and development at its core. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the application and industrialization of new technologies. With over a decade of development and accumulation, Emdoor has emerged as a standout player in intelligent rugged terminal, consumer electronics, and virtual reality product domains. On February 14, 2023, the company successfully went public, signaling a fast track of development with the backing of capital strength.



Approaching the first anniversary of its IPO and under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Zhiyu, Emdoor has unveiled a new industrial development strategy, deciding to establish an enterprise research institute. This strategic decision reflects Emdoor's commitment to long-term technological innovation and investment, aiming to construct the core competitiveness of the enterprise through sustained technology investment. The focus is on accumulating core technologies and exploring future products with a commitment to long-term technology input, combining sensitive technological insight with business acumen to maintain vitality in the long-term competition.


The Emdoor Research Institute aims to be an industry-leading innovation center, focusing on artificial intelligence, perceptual technology, and spatial intelligence. Its primary goal is to drive continuous progress in the development of the human-machine interaction paradigm, attracting and cultivating outstanding research and product-oriented innovation talents. In today's rapidly evolving landscape of new technologies, the trend of software defining everything has become the most noteworthy in the intelligent hardware domain. The recent CES conference highlighted the significance of this trend, whether it be the rise of generative AI or the introduction of concepts and practices related to cloud-native and AI-native hardware. These developments underscore the pivotal role this trend plays in the innovative hardware and technology efforts of numerous companies.

Emdoor Research Institute

The Emdoor Research Institute is positioned as the central research institution of the company. Unlike typical corporate technology centers or laboratories, it not only possesses fundamental research and development functions but also defines strategic goals in four key areas:


Firstly, the institute undertakes the research, positioning, development, verification, and output of core technologies for Emdoor's future technological paradigms. It absorbs the best innovative practices in the industry, continuously breaking through innovation bottlenecks, and ensuring that its output remains at the forefront of technological development.


Secondly, the institute serves as the designated unified research-oriented cooperation hub for the company. Through establishing extensive partnerships in the upstream and downstream ecosystem, communication with academic institutions, and collaborative efforts with the innovative departments of technology original equipment manufacturers, it collectively promotes technological progress.


Thirdly, the institute provides intellectual support and reference solutions to the decision-makers in the company's R&D leadership. It propels the implementation of corporate and departmental strategies with the latest technological and industry perspectives.


Lastly, the institute attracts, nurtures, and retains advanced research talents, ensuring that it possesses the best knowledge and expertise in the fields of perceptual technology, spatial intelligence, and artificial intelligence. It continuously outputs leading technology talents to various departments within the company.


In the future, leveraging its rich industry experience and technological expertise, Emdoor will utilize the Research Institute to further drive technological innovation, foster collaborations between industry and academia, cultivate top talents, and continuously innovate in areas such as human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence, and spatial intelligence. This commitment aims to ensure that technological applications achieve more positive outcomes in response to both business and societal demands. Emdoor's significant initiative not only constitutes a vital component of its own development strategy but also foreshadows the future trends and directions of the entire high-tech industry.

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