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New 5G rugged tablet is officially release

This is our most classic and best-selling model. It has good looks and quality and is full of power. Matching peripheral accessories brings countless friendly experiences to users.

It not only condenses many innovative wisdom and scientific and technological forces, but also becomes a key element to promote the digitalization and intelligence of all walks of life.

It never stops on the road of exploration, ushering in a comprehensive upgrade in terms of performance, presenting 5G changes that conform to the times.

What does a 5G pioneer in the 5G era look like?

Please click on the video.

Under the familiar appearance hides extraordinary strength.

New Snapdragon 5G mobile platform has injected the soul of 5G and set a new record for running points. The experience is really amazing!

High-end IPS full HD screen, Rear 13 MP+ Front 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, GNSS, 8500mAh large battery, IP67 protection add color to its performance.

It is the new rugged tablet EM-Q865M!


Stunning performance

300,000 CPU score tested by AnTuTu

Excellent Snapdragon 5G mobile platform

It is built on the 8nm process, which push CPU performance to 2.0 GHz.

Equipped with high-speed Kryo™ CPU and Adreno™ GPU, bringing subversive performance improvements for data computing and image processing.

Android 11 OS , 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, everything is awesome!


5G network Wireless technology

Get a head start

Integrate Qualcomm's first-generation 5G modem and radio frequency system, support global sub-6GHz main frequency bands, 5G carrier aggregation, SA/NSA networking, etc.

Delivery lightning experience, up to 2.12Gbps maximum download speed, 450Mbps global transmission speed.

Excellent cellular performance, coverage, and efficiency bring unlimited possibilities for future work.


More details



What are 5G SA and 5G NSA networks?


Different to 4G, there are two networking options for SA and NSA in the 5G era.NSA, also known as non-independent networking, is a 5G network integrated with the current 4G network architecture deployment. It mainly uses the 4G core network to install 5G base stations to achieve 5G network coverage. However, because the 4G core network is still used, the 5G features cannot be fully utilized.SA, also known as independent networking, is a rebuilt 5G core network and 5G base station, which fully realizes the low latency, high speed, and wide connection characteristics of the 5G network. NSA is a necessary stage of 5G development, and SA is the ultimate direction of 5G.

At present, the SA network has not yet fully covered, but with the large-scale deployment and popularization of the SA network, industry users of Q865M can enjoy a full-featured 5G network anytime, anywhere, allowing industries such as industrial manufacturing, medical institutions, and even automotive transportation Benefit.

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