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The Rugged Tablet Windows 10 EM-I88H

Application of the Industrial Tablet Windows 10

The rugged tablet can be used as a vehicle-mounted tablet pc, that is, a vehicle-mounted computer in a tablet state, with a touch screen and keys as the basic input device. It has a touch screen that allows users to work with their fingers instead of a traditional keyboard or mouse. a vehicle-mounted tablet is a highly integrated device whose functions can realize vehicle-mounted multimedia entertainment, satellite positioning and navigation, car information and fault-assisted diagnosis, and even some professional applications.

Application of the Industrial Tablet Windows 10

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Emdoor vehicle-mounted tablet terminal EM-I88H is a cost-effective tablet terminal that supports the windows 10 system intelligent operating system. The industrial tablet Windows 10 is of capacitive touch design, comfortable operation, 8-inch screen, which is clearer and more beautiful. Using the Windows 10 system intelligent operating system, Intel Cherrytrail Z8350, the performance is greatly improved, and the work efficiency and performance are optimized. The standard dual battery + charger can be charged at any time. There is no need to worry about waiting for charging when the battery runs out. Other accessories are also readily available. IP67 high protection level, industrial-grade three-proof quality, 7500mA super-capacity battery, supporting 3G/4G all network communication, MIL-STD-810G. The model adopts a special design, conforms to ergonomic design, and feels comfortable. As a professional rugged computer manufacturer, Emdoor is dedicated to providing the most thoughtful service and the high-quality tablets to meet your needs.

What Other Fields can Tablet Rugged Windows 10 be used in?

1. Firefight industry

In firefighting work, we will face many moments that may threaten our safety. In the face of threats to life safety, professional technical equipment can be used to maintain normal work in the special working environment of fire, and the specific scope of the caller can be reported in time, which can reduce casualties.

2. Electricity industry

To keep the generator running continuously under strict environmental conditions such as desert, salt spray, vibration, sunlight, etc, the generator self-inspection and diagnosis are extremely important. The specified time of the day requires regular inspection and statistical data by the rugged tablet Windows 10 and then submits it to the back-end data center. In the server, the stability of the generator system is analyzed and monitored through these data.

3. Drilling industry

The drilling industry has very high requirements for rugged tablets, requiring tablets to meet explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and stable systems. For these situations, rugged tablets can meet these conditions. The rugged tablets can operate independently and can transmit daily data to relevant departments. Grasp the situation in time, make plans, and organize them.

4. Food industry

Information automation systems are needed in departments, workshops, and factories. In the meat and poultry production workshops, in this case, tablets are challenged because they need to be waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. There are strict requirements for conditions such as, oil resistance, temperature, etc., which cannot be met by traditional PCs and industrial tablets. Therefore, customized solutions should be tailored for this type of situation. For example, the advantages of rugged tablet pcs in structure, portability, and convenient installation are all suitable to use in food factories.

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