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Application of Industrial Tablet PC in Vehicle Display Control System

As users continue to upgrade their travel needs, competition in the automotive smart hardware market has become extremely fierce, among which, the vehicle-carried display control system is the center of information interaction of the vehicle-carried system, an industrial tablet PC with high integration of functions and stability is often used as its hardware carrier.

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Ⅰ. Vehicle-carried display system puts forward higher requirements for rugged tablet PC

The vehicle-carried display control system is the most important device to provide the driver with the required information. With the emergence of new human-vehicle interaction concepts such as head-up display and rear-seat vehicle-carried entertainment display systems and the demand for consumption upgrades, the market for vehicle-carried displays has generally maintained a relatively high growth rate.

Especially under the background that the development of automobile intelligence and visualization has become a trend, the vehicle-carried display control system not only needs to meet various display effects such as text, pictures, audio, and video, but also needs to meet intelligent functions such as instant information release, voice interaction, communication, and precise navigation by introducing car networking, artificial intelligence, big data. To realize this series of functions, a professional, reliable, and highly integrated hardware platform must provide basic support for it. For example, the industrial tablet windows 10 manufactured by Emdoor applies the advantaged technology which is able to meet your work demands.

Ⅱ. The advantages of industrial tablet PC used in automobiles

1. Industrial tablet PC starts from technical requirements

Vehicle-carried display control systems mostly use industrial tablet PC as their hardware carriers. Because it is known for its performance stability, its integrated processing capability better than that of ordinary tablet computers, and that it supports the expansion of a variety of intelligent scenarios, so it is deeply concerned and sought after by customers in the industry.

2. Industrial tablet PC starts from function

Industrial tablet PC mostly uses low-power high-performance processors with the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, which can meet the product development needs of customers at different levels to the greatest extent, not only has it been widely used in the field of vehicle-carried display control, industrial tablet PC also has its presence in industrial automation, intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings, financial information processing, outdoor advertising and so on.

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