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Why emdoor panel PCs are reliable as a factory operation computer?

With automation becoming a key part of industrial strategy, manufacturing and workshops have come to rely on electronic devices such as computers to perform a variety of tasks. However, many companies remain stuck in the past and use consumer-grade computers that include a keyboard and mouse. In the long run, bulky standard PCs may not be able to meet the rigorous work requirements of modern manufacturing, as most of them only have the computing power to integrate seamlessly with industrial automation processes, and lack ease of use and durability.


Unlike Emdoor tablet PC industrial, which is designed for seamless installation into industrial environments, they not only have a longer lifespan than consumer computers, but are also more temperature tolerant in harsh conditions and perform better.

In addition to this, factory operation panel computers have the following advantages:


Compared with traditional desktop computers, one of the most significant advantages of the Emdoor Industrial Panel PC is its ruggedness. The production floor is a cradle of all kinds of accidents. High and low temperatures, dust, shock, and vibration are common, and these may cause frequent downtime and more maintenance time for computers not designed to operate in harsh environments. Emdoor rugged industrial panel PC is designed and tested to not only withstand the intrusion of moisture, liquids and dust, but also operate in a wide temperature range of 20 to 60°C. Whether in a refrigerated or heated manufacturing environment, it is the best tool for industrial personnel to perform their tasks.

Fanless and dustless

Passively cooling a PC is possible due to an ingenious design that utilizes heatsinks to cool down the internal heat-generating components. The elimination of fans from the system leads to extra durability and greater reliability. Furthermore, the elimination of fans creates a sealed-off system, resulting in a system that is better capable of deployment in environments where it will experience extreme temperatures.

Small footprint

Factory floors are known for their cramped, tight spaces, and the presence of bulky computers can further compress workers' space. Differing from them, the small size of the Emdoor industrial computer makes it easy to integrate into cabinets, small cabinets, the bottom of a desk or hang on a wall. What's more, the emdoor PCs high-sensitivity touchscreen makes a simplified work environment more possible, as workers no longer have to use keyboards, mice, and other computer peripherals.

As an indispensable partner for implementing smart factories, Emdoor info has developed the J/R series of rugged industrial panel PCs for factory, production line automation, and dusty or dirty work environments, covering a comprehensive range of sizes and configuration options. If you are looking for a reliable and rugged industrial PC, perhaps you can find the answer from Emdoor.

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