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What Will Affect the Choice of the Industrial Panel PC?

Industrial tablet PC is a tablet computer used in industry, which plays a great role in industrial intelligent automation. This industrial-grade device is different from ordinary computers in that its performance is more stable in all aspects, and it can adapt to a wider range of industrial environments, so what factors should users consider when choosing an industrial tablet PC? Let's take a look together.

1. The battery life of industrial tablet PCs

People who use computers often will know that the computers produced by each company will have differences in battery life, and some of them may even have poor battery life.

As for the industrial tablet computer, since it is used in industry, more attention should be paid to the battery life, because only when the battery life requirements are met, can it ensure that the project will not be delayed.

2. The compatibility of industrial tablet PC operating systems

Now the more advanced computer equipment, the higher the operating system will be used, which will make the use of the computer smoother and reduce the occurrence of stuttering or other failures.

Therefore, when choosing an industrial tablet, special attention should be paid to the compatibility of the operating system. If the compatibility is good, then some specific industrial software systems can be driven and used normally.

3. The size of the storage memory of the industrial tablet PC

Compared with ordinary computers, industrial tablet PCs have different requirements for use. Ordinary computers can easily meet the daily use, but for the requirements of high-quality industrial tablet PCs, it is also necessary to consider the memory. For industrial use, Some professional software needs large storage space, and some data should also be saved in real time.

Therefore, on the whole, the purchase of industrial tablets mainly depends on the battery life of the computer, the compatibility of the operating system and the size of the storage memory. The cost-effectiveness of industrial tablet computers combined with these three points will not be bad.

Founded in 2002, Emdoor is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handheld, tablets, laptops, PCs and vehicle mount pc, as well as a provider of custom hardware and software solutions. Emdoor is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of rugged computing systems in China, and is an ODM and OEM partner for many Tier 1 companies.

As a leading tablet pc supplier, Emdoor is good at providing efficient industrial solutions and more in the fields of warehousing and logistics, industrial automation, medical care, oil exploration, outdoor surveying and mapping, automobile detection, road law enforcement, education, border patrol, retail services, self-service terminals, machine vision, smart home, intelligent transportation and so on. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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