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Windows 10/11 Rugged Tablet For Vehicle Mount

The Vehicle-mount tablet is a rugged tablet computer with high temperature resistance, dust resistance and shock resistance specially developed for the special operating situations of the car and the characteristics of electrical circuits.

Emdoor Info's vehicle-mounted tablet is equipped with windows 10 or windows 11, supports  software and hardware(including interface) customization, and is widely adapted to various self-developed software of customers, escorting various transportation (such as truck transportation) usage scenarios.

Types Of Rugged Automobile Tablet Mount Windows 11

of Custom Rugged Tablet Car Mount


of Custom Rugged Tablet Car Mount

Supporting OEM/ODM Services
Supporting OEM/ODM Services

Emdoor's new-launch vehicle-mounted tablets are supporting OEM/ODM services, suitable for all warehouse and yard vehicles, provide rugged mobile technology for global industries, and are undoubtedly an excellent choice for logistics providers and manufacturers to solve their urgent needs.

Impressive Durability and Mobile Portability
Impressive Durability and Mobile Portability

They are an extension of the standard reinforced tablets to in-vehicle application scenarios, not only having the impressive durability of ordinary reinforced tablets but also having the mobile portability that is easy to install and remove in various vehicles.

OS WINDOWS 11/10 and Various Functions
OS WINDOWS 11/10 and Various Functions

In addition, the vehicle mount tablet embeds the well-known OS WINDOWS 11/10 and various functions into themselves, which are especially suitable for forklifts from mature trucks and logistics vehicles to complex warehouse environments, factory floors, and manufacturing units.

Features of Rugged Laptops

Applications Of Rugged Automobile Tablet Mount Windows 11

Transportation and logistic

Real-time tracking of the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, ensuring real-time communication and data transfer between drivers and dispatchers, is critical to maximizing operational efficiency, safety, and customer service in the transportation industry. At the same time, from the delivery of goods to customers, and then to the completion of orders, unstable signals in the warehouse and during driving have put forward high requirements for the mobile network technology of the vehicle-mounted rugged computer integrated into the transport vehicle.

With fast and reliable 4G and GPS/GLONASS/Beidou connectivity, the Emdoor automobile tablet mount can provide stable network connection and location tracking for tracking shipment status, timely transmission, and verification for each transaction, and reducing delivery time and errors. Besides these, they also have rich expansion interfaces, which can be connected to a series of peripherals such as cameras and sensors, providing more application possibilities for traffic and logistics vehicle(like commercial truck tablet mounts)scenarios.


Warehouse management

Whether it's receiving, putting off, picking, replenishing, packing, shipping, or counting, the right equipment is critical to a worker's job and material handling. The new vehicle-mounted flatbeds are designed to be easily mounted on warehouse operation vehicles such as forklifts, helping warehouse workers always have the most accurate, up-to-date information and complete orders. They also allow warehouse staff to communicate with ERP and other enterprise management systems to track, manage and execute orders, and to control overall inventory levels with direct access to departmental networks anywhere in the warehouse through a secure network connection.



Computer equipment used in manufacturing should withstand harsh temperatures and the shock of stop-and-go transport mounted on forklifts and trailers. Our vehicle-mounted tablets with an IP65-certified, vibration-resistant rugged body are ideal for demanding manufacturing environments, avoiding lost business due to machine issues. On the other hand, their good internet connection potential allows for easy processing and sharing of data and instant access to various information stored in cloud-based applications.


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