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Accessories Instructions of Emdoor One-Stop Rugged Products, to Boost Your Productivity!

In the past, when we purchased suitable rugged computers, we always emphasized the specification parameters of the project and emphasized the performance and functions of terminal equipment such as rugged tablets/rugged handhelds/rugged notebooks/in-vehicle PCs. However, we often overlook an important dimension: user experience. As a digital infrastructure and productivity tool, computers have become a necessity for the digital transformation of many enterprises, but their user experience seems to be rarely mentioned.

In this highly competitive industry market, Emdoor rugged computers are standing out with their superior user experience. In terms of user experience, Emdoor has invested a lot of energy, not only focusing on product details and fluency, but also through an in-depth understanding of user needs and habits, equipped with a large number of accessories, and constantly optimizing the combination of accessories and products to ensure the efficiency of terminal equipment such as rugged tablets/rugged handhelds/industrial notebooks/in-vehicle PCs in various scenarios, to bring better experience to users.

rugged tablet computer

Next, we will talk about the accessories of Emdoor rugged computers, how to enhance the competitiveness of the product through the accessories, and how will it change the user's work.

Accessories of rugged handhelds/PDAs

-Powerful Accessories to double efficiency

Rugged handhelds/PDA devices are characterized by mobility, portability, variety, and reliability. Emdoor has Bluetooth handle and UHF handle accessories, which are easy to use with the host, and convenient and fast, bringing a more efficient data acquisition mode and scanning experience; There are other accessories such as docking chargers, multiple charging docks, back clip batteries, and power adapters, which support wired, wireless, single charge, multi-charge, and other charging methods, and customer can select them according to specific needs and conditions, making it more flexible, more convenient operation.

rugged tablet computer

In addition, Emdoor rugged handhelds/PDA devices support mobile and bracket-fixed two ways of use: First, they can work with strap accessories and are easy to hold in the handheld mobile scene; The second way, you can use the handheld clamp brackets to fix them in the fixing scene.

Accessories of rugged tablet PCs

-Multiple experiences, unlimited productivity

Rugged tablet PCs are now indispensable tools in many industries. In the past, the rugged tablet PC application was limited, and the use of accessories was based on the realization of functions, such as stylus, toughened film, removable battery, single-docking charger, car charger, and so on.

rugged tablet computer

In addition to the realization of functions, more consideration is given to the realization of the scene in the accessories of Emdoor rugged tablet PCs. For example, handles, straps, holsters, rotary holsters, and shoulder straps can work with the machine to meet the carrying needs of different scenarios; The vehicle support accessories are composed of bracket + connecting rod + base, modular design, and flexible collocation, which is suitable for various vehicle installation scenarios; The multiple charging dockers support the simultaneous charging of four batteries, which is easy to maximize productivity when deploying devices in batches.

Accessories of rugged notebooks

-Convenient typing with a keyboard

Accessories are mainly for rugged notebooks/two-in-one industrial notebooks. Emdoor designed practical detachable keyboards for two-in-one industrial notebooks/rugged notebooks, so that the tablet can be turned into a notebook, in the need of keyboard input scene has a more efficient performance. Specifically, the Emdoor two-in-one industrial notebooks/rugged notebooks and the detachable keyboard are fixed and connected through the limit screw, interworking through the Pogo Pin port, and multi-angle support through the adjustable bracket.

rugged tablet computer

In addition, when a two-in-one industrial notebook/rugged notebook is in a tablet form, Emdoor also provides users with support for a series of accessories such as power adapters, docking chargers, handles, straps, vehicle mounts, car chargers, shoulder straps, etc., so that notebooks can be charged lying down, standing up, strapped to the hand, attached to the car, slung over the shoulder, and carried on your body, to meet various application scenarios.

Accessories of industrial panel PCs

-Easy installation

The installation of industrial panel PC is the focus, whether it is embedded installation or hanging installation, we need to take care of the individual needs of each user.

rugged tablet computer

Emdoor's Industrial panel PCs can provide further accessory assistance and installation solutions. With the help of the PPC hook assembly accessories, users can use a simpler way to clamp the PPC hook assembly with the square holes at the four corners of the host, and then tighten the screws against the cabinet, bringing a sense of portability of embedded installation. There are standard VESA holes of 75*75 mm and 100*100 mm two sizes on the back of Emdoor Industrial panel PCs when users need suspension installation, to support the market standard suspension bracket installation, making it flexible and easy to operate.

Accessories of in-vehicle PCs

-Stable and easy to use

In-vehicle PCs are for agricultural machinery, mining trucks, forklifts, engineering vehicles, and other diverse in-vehicle scene, so in the purchase, you should pay attention to the expansion and compatibility of the hardware.

rugged tablet computer

Emdoor accessories of in-vehicle PCs include various signal antennas, functional conversion cables, and power conversion cables, which are mainly used to solve scalability and compatibility problems. Among them, Wi-Fi/4G/GPS rod antenna and GPS vehicle mushroom antenna accessories can solve the signal problem in the vehicle, with higher gain, wider coverage, and stronger strength; RS232/RS485 serial port, network port, USB port, CAN port and other functional adapter accessories, can easily expand the interface, used to connect cameras, sensors and other rich peripherals; Power adapter + power adapter or cigarette adapter accessories make the host charging simple, and then combined with wide voltage module accessories, to ensure the continuity and stability of different types of vehicle use.

In short, the above productivity accessories and equipment are helpful and vital to rugged tablets, rugged handhelds, rugged notebooks, and in-vehicle PCs, making them more efficient productivity tools!

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