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Rugged Tablets

Emdoor Rugged Tablets have a comprehensive size, covering from 7 to 12-inch, and supports the different systems,

like Android or windows, or Linux to meet customer's differentiated requests.

Abundant accessories, facing various accessories.

Complete communication network support, adapt to wireless situation. Larger screen, carrier equipment for industrial informatization.

And replaceable battery, longer battery life.

Mainly used in automobile inspection, vehicle, intelligent chemical factory and other industries.

Types of Rugged Tablets

Features of Rugged Tablet


of Rugged Tablet

Modular Expansion
Modular Expansion

Rugged Tablet provides a kind of tablet of high modularity, you can choose different modules according to your demands, including 1D/2D barcode scanner, UHF, fingerprint recognition module, etc.

Full screen size
Full screen size

Rugged Tablet comes in a range from 7-inch screen size to 12-inch screen size, so you can find the right Rugged Tablet for the job.

Full platform
Full platform

Rugged Tablet provides a variety of platform configurations, full of choices including MTK, Qualcomm and Intel platform, ensuring the best solution can be found for nearly any challenges.

Features of Rugged Laptops

FAQs of Rugged Tablet

How does the tablet computer go online through the wired network cable?
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For wired Internet access, you need to purchase a network cable to USB transfer interface (RJ45 transfer interface), and then you can directly access the Internet by connecting the network cable from the router.

If you use a broadband modem at home, it cannot be used. Our machine does not have a built-in dial-up function, so you cannot directly connect to a broadband device to surf the Internet. You need to add a router and set the PPPOE dial-up mode.

How does the tablet transfer data?
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After the tablet is connected to the computer, the computer system will automatically install the tablet driver, and the computer will appear an extra disk, which is the storage of the tablet, so that data can be transferred.

Can an external keyboard be connected to the machine?
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The tablet can use an external keyboard. If the machine has a USB interface, it can be directly connected to the USB interface. If the machine does not have a USB interface, it can be transferred through the OTG cable.

What should I do if there is no response after connecting to the computer?
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If there is no response after connecting to the computer, you could do the following operations: 

1.Check if the tablet USB interface is good

2.Check whether the USB interface of the host computer is good

3.Check whether the driver is loaded normally after the tablet is connected to the host

4.Check if the USB cable is good

FAQs of Rugged Tablet
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How does the EM-I10J/I20J Android rugged tablet inject momentum into different industries?
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