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Full Keyboard Handheld —— EM-T40

EM-T40 is compact and pure in appearance, and it is easy to carry. The full-body side curvature fits the palm design, and it can be easily operated with one hand. It is comfortable to hold, anti-ageing and wear-resistant. This rugged handheld is equipped with a 26-key high-end full physical keyboard, combined with the average finger size design, the keys are arranged obliquely to the key position, and the coating process is adopted, which makes the pressing feel great. It has a powerful octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and Android 11 and is equipped with 4GB running memory and 64GB storage space. It can work as you like.

Full Keyboard Handheld —— EM-T40

Specification of EM-T40 Keypad

EM-T40 collects information through barcode scanning, which improves the productivity and efficiency of mobile work. At the same time, both the hard decoding mode and the soft decoding mode are optional, which can meet the requirements for diversified scanning performance to a large extent. There is no need to worry about battery life. The body is equipped with a 4000mAh high-capacity battery, which can easily be used for one day. The battery is also a detachable design, which provides continuous power for mobile operations. This rugged handhelds are one of the effective industrial computer solutions nowadays.  

Specification of EM-T40 Keypad

The Function of EM-T40 Keypad

EM-T40 can realize signal automatic and smooth switching under different WiFi environments, providing a stable and effective user experience. It is also equipped with a USB Type-C interface, full coverage of charging, audio and video transmission and data transmission, two-way transmission, and easy to plug and unplug. Pogo Pin interface is reserved on the back, which can expand more functions. This keypad is provided by Emdoor, a reliable rugged computer manufacturer, which is focused on manufacturing rugged tablets and other digital tools.

The Function of EM-T40 Keypad

1. No need for too big

4'' inch screen is enough

Shaped arc design, comfortable in the handle

2. Extreme field performance

Professional Barcode scanning engine brings

High efficiency.

Support Hard and Soft decision,

Anything goes well

3. Capture data with a 26-key keypad

EM-T40's keypad includes function keys and a physical scan button.

With its multiple data entry options.

Finger-Friendly Design, Avoid is-pressing

4. Small profile, BIG impact

EM-40 with ARM Cortex-A53 core

Too much data problem?

Running powerful Android 11.0

4GB RAM +64GB ROM, All can be storage

The EM-T40 with multiple features such as small size, full keyboard, barcode scanning, interface expansion, etc. is suitable for application requirements in diverse scenarios such as logistics and transportation, warehouse management, express delivery, and retail catering.

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