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Transportstion of Warehouse Industry

Emdoor INFO brings barcodes and RFID to all aspects of the logistics industry and quickly realizes the multi-stage digital mode of pickup and delivery, including vehicles, personnel, goods, loading and unloading, and express delivery through rugged handhelds. Throughout the process, intelligent and transparent management can collect real-time data of the time, location, and operator of each link and submit it to the back-end of the platform. As a result, the rugged handheld significantly improves efficiency, reduces costs, and improves user satisfaction.

The challenge of transportation and staff management:
The challenge of transportation and staff management:

It is impossible to track and monitor vehicles, goods, and drivers in real-time in the transportation process. There are often traffic accidents caused by irregular driving behavior, or the actual driver is not the driver himself, and other situations that harm the company's interests. Managers are unable to control the driver's position and location effectively. In multi-person and multi-vehicle delivery, it is prone to confusion between drivers and vehicles.

The solution of transportation and staff management:
The solution of transportation and staff management:

The EM-I75H rugged tablet combines the bar code, GPS, RFID, wireless communication, and others. Each vehicle is equipped with RFID tags and different IDs. The vehicle is used as a node for data collection and wireless communication technology. The real-time positioning effectively controls the employee's location and can check the employee's identity through scan code, fingerprint, and camera functions. Checking the status of personnel and vehicles backstage helps managers to deploy personnel and vehicles efficiently.

The application effectiveness transportation and staff management:
The application effectiveness transportation and staff management:

1. Managers can use the rugged tablet EM-I75H to give orders such as tracking, monitoring, fortifying, locking, speed setting, etc. It can realize the remote operation of the vehicles;

2. Use the EM-I75H tablet terminal to identify each vehicle equipped with RFID tags, which can enter all vehicle information, including access process, transportation process, time, maintenance, inspection, etc. Thus, it can achieve visual management of the vehicles.

3. Managers can monitor the vehicle's location in real-time through the rugged tablet, keep in touch with the driver, and provide emergency treatment plans the first time when in an emergency.

4. The EM-I75H rugged tablet can be equipped with fingerprint, ID card, and other information recognition modules, which can bind the vehicle and the driver. Through the rugged tablet checking the driver's identity, it is convenient for unified scheduling management of personnel and vehicles and checks drivers are or not working.

5. Use tablet pcs to cooperate with the management system to conduct unified cargo yard safety education and skill training for employees anytime and anywhere, instead of traditional manual teaching, no longer bound by time and places.

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