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The Application of Rugged Tablet PC in Food Processing and UAV Industry

The applications of rugged tablet PCs are extremely wide, including applications in food (meat) processing, drones, and other industries. Let's introduce the specific applications of rugged tablet PCs in these fields.

1. Application of rugged tablet PC in food (meat) processing

As modern meat processing enterprises gradually move towards informatization and automation, the traditional methods of manual record of production lines and operating data have long been culled.

Powerful meat processing companies are currently applying information automation systems in various departments, workshops, and factories. Taking into account the harsh environment of the meat and poultry production workshops, most of the rugged tablet PCs used are required to be water-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof, and can work under wide temperature extent conditions. Obviously, ordinary PCs and traditional industrial computers cannot meet these requirements, which means that complete solutions for such customers shall be put forward.

Special embedded tablet computers are suitable for use in food production sites due to their compact structure, portability, small footprint, and easy installation. According to statistical data, the purchase of tablet computers has increased sharply in recent years. In our opinion, the rugged tablet PC has a positive future prospect in the food industry.

2. Application of rugged tablet PCs in the UAV industry

With the development of high and new technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving, UAVs have developed into versatile platforms that can carry out reconnaissance, electronic jamming, and battlefield target damage evaluation.

Due to the particularity of the UAV application environment, higher requirements are also put forward for the computer equipment related to its operation, detection, and research and development. The changing scene environment, the complicated regional environment, and the unpredictable emergencies are all things that ordinary computer equipment cannot cope with.

These products have fully surpassed similar international products in terms of system calculation, system structure, system safety, system reinforcement, and high-reliability materials. They are the integrations with high reliability, including vibration resistance, compression resistance, drop resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and electromagnetic interference prevention. All indicators meet or exceed China's military standards and can easily cope with applications in various harsh and complex environments. And there are more and more rugged tablet manufacturers.

Unmanned aerial equipment is the trend of the future. In this cutting-edge field, development capabilities must be available. These are not available for reference, which can only rely on independence and self-reliance. Therefore, the research and development of UAVs have attracted much attention for a long time.

Like the development process of most confidential technologies, the research and development of UAVs are generally carried out in harsh environments to test whether UAVs have the performance of resisting extreme environments. As an indispensable computer device in the R&D equipment system, it must also withstand the test of the harsh R&D environment, and rugged tablet PCs are undoubtedly the best choice for R&D personnel.

The above is the application of rugged tablet PCs in food (meat) processing, drones, and other industries, which can be seen that rugged tablet PCs have a wide range of applications.

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