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Three Main Uses of warehouse tablet in Logistics Storage

Rugged tablets for warehouse use are playing an increasingly important role in the logistics industry. Due to the continuous demand for fast and accurate delivery, most enterprises will choose cost-effective equipment with both efficiency and security. It turns out that the rugged tablet PC has been widely used in many aspects of the logistics industry. And Emdoor Information rugged tablet PC can very well help logistics personnel to provide work efficiency.


Three main advantages of tablets for warehouse use in the logistics industry:

1. Scheduling

With rugged tablet PCs, the delivery log can be updated at any time, eliminating the need to manually complete the commit procedure. This real-time recording ensures that drivers adhere to their delivery schedules and information is updated when delays occur. Rugged tablet PCs can also be used to capture data at the customer's location, eliminating cumbersome administrative procedures. In addition, the rugged tablet PC can scan the goods when they are out of storage and in storage; Because the data is updated in real time, warehouse personnel do not need to scrutinize inventory records.

2. Inventory management

Inventory management is another application of rugged tablet PC. Inventory records need to be accurate and real-time so that the various logistics processes can run smoothly. The following is the use of rugged rugged tablet PC to improve inventory management:

Help managers monitor inventory flow in real time and reduce the possibility of out of stock. Through the use of Emdoor information rugged tablet PC for inventory management, the stock out information can be provided to the appropriate employees in real time.

In some large warehouses, searching the location of goods manually is a difficult task. With the help of Emdoor information rugged tablet PC, it can more effectively locate the position of goods in the warehouse, and improve work efficiency.


Keeping track of inventory can also be a laborious process, especially when dealing with large volumes of goods and items. The Emdoor rugged rugged tablet PC offers a variety of options for data collection, including bar code scanning and RFID scanners and cameras that record data directly to the management center.

3. Communication

Due to the need for constant communication between the dispatch center and the driver during the shipment process, the transportation team now uses specially rugged tablet PC, which enables the driver to register the cargo information in time, identify the goods ready for delivery, and scan the receipt of the delivered products.

The Emdoor warehouse tablet has some disadvantages in weight compared with ordinary tablet PC, but it has the functionality and flexibility of consumer products. Fleet managers can always contact their drivers and maintain communication in real time through the Emdoor rugged rugged tablet PC.

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