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Application of Industrial Laptop in Emergency Repair Task

The equipment emergency repair vehicle is a lightweight, flexible and mobile special vehicle equipment that undertakes the emergency repair task of the fire fighting forces. The equipment and spare parts carried on the vehicle can be used by the emergency repair team to carry out emergency repair, replacement and repair of spare parts, oil and circuit fault removal and so on for the fire fighting vehicles and equipment in the field conditions. So what is the role of the rugged laptop in the rush repair process? Let's have a look! 


1. The important role of industrial laptop

Emergency repair operation conditions are usually extremely bad, and the task of the staff is usually extremely difficult, so mobile computer equipment has to face more dust and temperature changes and other harsh environment. Mobile computers are essential equipment for emergency crews to communicate easily and quickly with each other to collect information about the incident area. Therefore, technical equipment is often used outside the safe area of vehicles. 

Mobile terminals used by special units must be able to operate correctly in harsh environments to ensure accurate transmission of information and quick troubleshooting. Emergency troops need notebooks that are not only strong enough to withstand the impact of all kinds of bad conditions, but also light enough to carry. The equipment must also be dust and drop resistant, and be able to read in direct (or low) sunlight.

The repair team needs a trusted mobile computing solution, and the industrial grade laptop is perfect for that.

2. The advantages of the use of the industrial laptop in the rush repair work

During the emergency repair work, the ambient temperature may be between -20℃ and 60℃, and the general computer equipment will not be able to adapt to such a harsh ambient temperature, but the on-site use has proved that the rugged notebook can easily cope with it. 

Dust is one of the most important factors to consider in the rush repair operation. The high protection level of the rugged notebook, the unique fanless design and the sealing cover and sealing door design can further protect important data and prevent dust intrusion and damage to the equipment.


The important characteristics of equipment carried in rush repair operations are portability, stability and durability. The rugged notebook provides long service time through the long-life lithium battery, which can provide extra long working time for emergency repair operations. The bare weight of Emdoor Info's rugged notebook is generally between 1.5 and 3.3Kg. It can be easily carried with one hand, which is convenient for mobile use at the emergency repair site. 

With industrial rugged laptop produced by rugged laptop manufacturers, repair teams can perform their tasks efficiently without fear of damage to control equipment during operations due to adverse environmental conditions.

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