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How A 10 Inch tablet Car Mount Helps Mine Operations

Under the influence of industry 4.0 era, mechanical intelligence and automation have been popularized, and many engineering projects have gradually joined the ranks of digital construction, among which mining industry is one. In the process of mine operation, the scheduling and management of transport fleet is the problem which has been difficult to solve for a long time. With the gradual deepening of mining work, the mining conditions are deteriorating, the transportation distance is increasing, and the cycle is increasing. As a result, the workload of transportation operation with high cost is not reduced, but the investment in transportation is increased, which affects the smooth completion of the whole mining operation to some extent. Therefore, saving transportation costs while improving mining efficiency is a major problem that needs to be solved in current mining operations. The appearance of vehicle tablet mount can well alleviate the pressure brought by transportation costs.


Due to the complexity of the environment, the mine vehicle command system needs to adapt to the constantly changing environment in the process of mining production. It uses the high-precision positioning technology of the vehicle-mounted terminal tablet to locate the operation vehicles, transmits the vehicle information to the management center through the 4G network, calculates the transport distance of vehicles, and ensures the mutual balance of vehicle distances, thus reducing the input of equipment to reduce consumption or increasing the input of equipment to solve the bottleneck of production and improve work efficiency.

EM-VPC10J 10 inch tablet car mount with IP65 high protection level can run stably in harsh terrain, vibration and dust environment. It can use Windows operating system outdoors all day long. It is equipped with a new generation intel Jasper lake N5100 processor. The 10nm technology provides excellent performance and greatly improves the productivity of the mining personnel.


Compared to previous single-function vehicle tablet, the EM-VPC10J 10 inch rugged tablet car mount includes multiple custom keys and supports NFC modules to meet the needs of different scenarios. In addition, the built-in RTC battery allows operators to quickly restore clock accuracy, allowing them to keep up to date in dark and complex environments.

In the operation of EM-VPC10J, the transport vehicle driver can realize the communication with the control center in real time, and quickly get the command task, complete a series of efficient work arrangements. In addition, the satellite positioning system can realize vehicle positioning, scientific operation, operation track, historical track and other functions, to solve the problem of excessive resource consumption of vehicle scheduling. At any time it can master the operation location, operation quality, alarm information, maintenance information and other conditions of the mining car, to achieve centralized management, scientific scheduling, as well as save time, trouble and effort.

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