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The Rugged Tablet For Forklift Easily Improve Work Efficiency

In May 2015, China issued the strategic document "Made in China 2025", which aims to comprehensively promote the implementation of China's manufacturing power. It is worth mentioning that this is the program of action for the first ten years of the implementation of China's manufacturing power strategy. The main core is to replace manual work with machine work, improve productivity and thus improve economic efficiency. The most important thing in this is intelligent manufacturing. The warehouses of each major production industry rely on forklifts to achieve manual handling.


With the rapid development of intelligent warehousing, affected by many external factors such as factory intelligence and rising labor costs, the link that traditionally relies on human handling of goods begins to appear the trend of transformation from mechanization to intelligent and automatic development. Now the market demand for intelligent forklift management is constantly expanding. For many forklift and material handling manufacturers, speeding up the automation and intelligent upgrade of forklift is an urgent demand at present, but it still faces many challenges.

The challenges of forklift tablet:

1. Low work efficiency. Due to the lack of understanding of specific information of the goods, there are many mistakes in the selection of goods, resulting in slow work and low work efficiency;

2. Disorganized, easy to cause chaos. Unable to know the specific location, operation status and work progress of the forklift in real time, which is easy to lead to management confusion and low utilization rate of the forklift;

3. Unable to get instructions in time. The work process is tedious, and the management center cannot keep in touch with the forklift in real time, resulting in slow communication and difficulty in obtaining instructions, which greatly affects the work progress.

To meet the demand of the forklift market, Emdoor Information launched two new tablet forklift mount, namely 8-inch EM-VPC80J and 10.1-inch EM-VPC10, which are equipped with exclusive vehicle-mounted bracket and perfectly combined with forklift to build an intelligent forklift management system. The system supports real-time query of goods information, tracking of the location of forklifts, and unified issuing of instructions by the management center, which not only improves the working efficiency of handling personnel, but also further strengthens the intelligent management of forklifts.

Results: A rugged tablet for forklift perfectly solve the problem.

1. Emdoor Information vehicle mount pc supports cargo information query and real-time data sharing, which is conducive to improving work efficiency and reducing communication costs;

2. Emdoor Information vehicle tablet mount supports a variety of satellite positioning and navigation systems to monitor the specific location of forklifts in real time, fully understand the operation status of forklifts, improve the dispatching efficiency of management center, and further strengthen cargo tracking management;

3. HD IPS screen, 700 nit high light screen, outdoor work without pressure, rear 2W power speaker: in the noisy handling environment, the sound can still be clear.

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