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Application of Vehicle Mount Tablet in Charging Pile Industry

With the rapid development of industrial Internet of Things , electric vehicles are close to or even better than traditional oil-fueled vehicles in terms of performance and economy. With the continuous expansion of the market of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles is also increasing. Nowadays, the endurance capacity of electric vehicles has become a major problem in the field of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the development of charging pile industry has a crucial impact on electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle charging station is a necessary means of battery charging, so its performance and technological complexity directly affect the service life of batteries and the promotion of electric vehicles. In order to promote the popularization of electric vehicles, various parts of China have begun to build a large number of "electric vehicle charging network", and the construction of electric vehicle charging station has been rapidly rolled out in China. In 2020, charging piles have been included in the list of "new infrastructure" by the country, becoming one of the seven major industries. It is foreseeable that in the next few years, the charging pile industry will become a new hot favorite, and many enterprises will compete in the market.


Most charging stations for electric vehicles are set up beside outdoor roads, so it is required to function well in high temperature, dusty and humid environment and other complex situations. Strong adaptability of electronic equipment to the environment is required. In addition, the distribution characteristics of automobile charging stations are large and scattered, so once there are problems of charging pile equipment, it will lead to greatly increased maintenance costs. Therefore, the product should not only have good endurance capacity, but also great stability. Since the charging pile is built outdoors, it also has strict requirements on the screen brightness, and it needs a high-brightness touch panel for easy operation.

EM-VPC10J is a new 10.1-inch vehicle mount pc from Emdoor Information, designed for vehicle-mounted scenarios. It is powered by Intel's powerful 11-generation Celeron N5100 processor; Abundant Wi-Fi-5, 4G LTE, Bluetooth and other communication functions support the external vehicle-mounted mushroom antenna, and the signal is wider and stronger; Standard aviation plug interface supports a variety of functions, and the interface is flexible and able to be extended; Through special technology to achieve dust-proof, waterproof, vibration resistance, high and low temperature resistance, with the use in unlimited environment; There are also wide pressure module, NFC, VESA bracket and other functions to choose from, with rich and diverse functions.

IP65's high level protection enables EM-VPC10J vehicle tablet mount to easily adapt to the complex outdoor environment of charging stations. The 10.1-inch IPS HD screen and 700 nits high light screen make it unaffected even under strong light, which greatly improves the user experience. In terms of installation mode, EM-VPC10J supports VESA and RAM installation mode, which can be easily installed and removed. In addition, EM-VPC10J can maintain high working efficiency for a long time after strict environmental testing, which alleviates a major problem of high maintenance cost of charging piles.

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