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Transmission Monitoring System

Transmission Monitoring System


With the rapid development of various fields of society, electric energy has become the focus of energy in the development of modern society. The transmission line is an important part of the national grid.


1. Environmental impact: Due to the large span of the transmission line, it usually spans hundreds of kilometres,  and it is very susceptible to power supply failure due to various environmental impacts.

2. The transmission line is complicated, the problem is not easy to find, and the status of the line cannot be grasped in time. Also, it is difficult to prevent it effectively in advance.


Emdoor EM-MP200S uses IPC as the main hardware of the system to detect the ambient temperature, humidity and wind speed of transmission lines, ice coating, temperature and dancing of conductors, and the inclination of towers. The sensors of the data collection terminal are responsible for collecting the values of these sensors and transmitting the collected values to the industrial computer through the RS485 serial port of the durable computer, and then transmit these data to the central server by the wireless data transmission terminal. The data will be processed and analyzed to grasp the specific status of the transmission line at each monitoring point and make corresponding prevention or emergency treatment.

EM-MP200S Transmission Monitoring System

Transmission Monitoring System


Save manpower

With the automatic fault detection system, the manpower for monitoring can be greatly reduced.

Unified management

All-weather online monitoring and unified centralized management of transmission line status are realized.

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