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CNC Machine Tool Intelligent Manufacturing System

CNC Machine Tool Intelligent Manufacturing System


With the concept of China's intelligent manufacturing and global industry 4.0, many customers who use CNC machine tools, such as machining end users, equipment customers, tool customers, control system customers, etc., will intelligently upgrade their original machine tools. Therefore, a manufacturing company decided to respond to national policies, starting from the principles of mechanical manufacturing, and applying scientific knowledge and advanced testing and analysis methods to various manufacturing processes. Provide customers with intelligent and professional solutions in terms of efficiency, quality, safety and data management.


1. "Black box" operation, unable to monitor and make decisions in real-time;

2. The quality inspection error is large, the manual repeated operation is required, and the consumption cost is high.


In response to the specific needs of customers, Emdoor Info recommended an embedded IPC EM-PPC15S PRO. The windows industrial PC is equipped with INTEL Core I5-7200U processor, 8GB memory 512G SSD solid-state hard drive, rich interfaces, such as support for 4 USB 3.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6 serial ports (including 2 RS485), HDMI +VGA display, and support wide voltage 9-36V input. It effectively meets the needs of customers for automated changes and effectively applies the intelligent manufacturing monitoring system to the production line. It can display the "black box" manufacturing process in the form of data in real-time, and realize the visualization and dramatization of the processing process. To get more information about the industrial rugged tablet PC, please contact Emdoor right now.

EM-PPC15S PRO CNC Machine Tool Intelligent Manufacturing System

CNC Machine Tool Intelligent Manufacturing System


  • Process digitalization;

  • Real-time diagnosis of equipment status and abnormal processing;

  • Optimization of processing technology;

  • Quality traceability of parts;

  • Provide basic data for production management;

  • Easy installation.



Improve product quality and efficiency.


Help customers make management decisions and process improvement.


Single piece manufacturing cost saving more than 20%.

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