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Application of Industrial Tablet PC in Rail Transit Monitoring System

Rail transit is an important part of the urban public transportation system. In order to ensure the reliability and safety of the rail transit system, it is necessary to use the industrial tablet PC to provide hardware support for the rail transit monitoring system.

1. Rugged tablet PC helps the rail transit industry

Advanced rail transit equipment is a symbol of China's high-end manufacturing level. It has become one of the choices for public travel due to its fast speed, good timing, and large transportation volume.

With the increasing intensity and density of rail transit operations, the monitoring level and automation requirements of relevant manufacturers for the safe operation of the rail transit system are also becoming increasingly stringent. It leads to the introduction of high-reliability and high-expansion touch screen industrial tablet PC into the rail transit market, which helps facilitate the development of intelligent rail transit.

2. Advantages of using the rugged tablet PC in rail transit

Vibrations and shocks are inevitable in the rail transit monitoring system. Therefore, excellent anti-vibration and impact resistance are essential for the rail transit monitoring system. Besides, rail vehicles often run in a changeable environment, and sudden start and stop during high-speed driving will cause voltage shocks. So, the monitoring equipment must be able to support wide temperature operations and wide power input.

In response to the performance requirements of the relevant monitoring display that works continuously for at least 18 hours a day, the corresponding industrial tablet PC must be solid and reliable. Only in this way can the rail transit monitoring system perform stable monitoring of the speed, temperature, and operating status of rail vehicles without staff on duty. As mentioned the rugged tablets for manufacturing, Emdoor can proudly declare that they had been focused on the R&D of the rugged notebook for many years.

As the information management and control platform in the rail transit monitoring system, the touch screen industrial tablet PC is important driving equipment to ensure the safety of rail transportation. With the transformation and upgrading of rail transit intelligence and automation, the demand for industrial tablet PC will continue to grow.

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