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What Aspects Should the Android Rugged Tablet Accompany in the Education Field?

Different industries, jobs, and tasks have different requirements for rugged tablets, what's more, in many fields, the Android system is more comfortable to use than the Windows system.

Introduction of Android rugged tablet

Rugged tablet computer used in the education field only has very low-performance requirements. Rugged desktop PC in the education industry is mainly responsible for the functional requirements of helping teachers in teaching. Using a tablet computer can help students increase their wealth. Teaching content based on pictures, video, and audio. This teaching model can help students greatly enhance their understanding of knowledge, and more importantly, it can improve the interaction between teachers and students. Therefore, since tablets used in the education industry do not require performance, what aspects of work must be performed?

Introduction of Android rugged tablet

EM-Q81 Android rugged tablet used in the education field

Some rugged notebook used in the education field has high-performance requirements. On the contrary, it can be said that certain requirements are strict. For commercial tablets, it is nothing more than fast response and large capacity memory. The tablet computer required by the education industry has only one requirement in terms of performance, that is, fluency must be high so that students can really help when reading and writing!

In terms of battery life, in order to meet the students' one-day course learning requirements, the tablet should be able to be used for a long time. After all, they need to recharge them after class. In terms of battery life, batteries are indeed unreliable, and the use of cables is also unrealistic. The money spent on remodeling classrooms far exceeds the purchase of high-durability tablets, so the battery life of tablets in the education field must be strong!

There is no doubt about quality issues. While educating, schools must also be responsible for the safety of students. Many people have seen in news reports that accidents such as hot bodies or explosions caused by quality problems are everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the tablet computer required in the education field and stay away from fake and inferior products!

EM-Q86 is a rugged tablet android in IP67. IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The protection level of the three-proof tablet computer is IP65, IP67, etc., such as explosion-proof electrical appliances, waterproof, and dustproof electrical appliances. IPXX represents the degree of protection to prevent foreign matter from intruding into the enclosure of electrical equipment. The larger the number displayed after the IP, the better the protection. The protection of the three-proof tablet computer needs to start from the whole, rather than the special treatment of each part. For example, a sealing ring can be added around the hard part, while the soft part itself needs to be sealed. No matter how you plan, the size of the water pressure and the uniformity of waterproofing after entering the water will determine whether the final waterproof effect of the product is effective.

Most importantly, I believe that everyone should know where to use tablet computers in education. Believe that the teaching model at home and abroad will keep pace with the times, develop continuously, and look forward to it together!

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