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Emdoor Rugged Tablet With Capacitive Touch Screen Can Be Used With Gloves

A capacitive touch screen is a control display that uses the conductive touch of a human finger or a specialized device for input, so most of them couldn't be used in cold weather. In addition to basic finger recognition, the capacitive touch screen of the EDO Information Industrial Tablet also supports input from gloves, stylus, and other media. Some countries in cold regions should also be interested in this.

The popularity of capacitive touch screen technology can be said to allow consumers to have the excellent experience of smooth touch control, but capacitive touch screen technology also has a big weakness, that is, it must be touched with bare fingers to control normally. It is difficult to control normally with a gloved hand. In the cold winter, users who answer the phone outdoors often have to take off their gloves and tap and answer the phone with their frozen fingers, so winter has become a nightmare for many industrial users.

Capacitive touch screen technology is the highlight of Emdoor Information added to the industrial tablet, which allows users to control without direct finger contact. The surface of this new capacitive touch screen still uses projection to capture input, but it can recognize not only the thin layer between the finger and the screen, such as the glove skin but also some small-area contacts, such as touch pens.

Currently, capacitive touch screen products are waiting and will be sent to rugged tablet manufacturers who wish to adopt this technology. There are two specific solutions, one is the separation of the touch layer and the display layer, and the other is the finished product of a fully integrated capacitive touch liquid crystal module. At the same time, in the field of industrial control, technology has greater application prospects. Many industrial tablet PCs have to choose resistive touch because they cannot support multiple touches at the same time. With capacitive touch technology, capacitive touch industrial tablet PCs can expand to a larger application field.

Our company is committed to the sales of embedded industrial control machines, industrial rugged tablet, and rugged laptop, providing overall solutions for high-end control systems and OEM/ODM customized services such as custom rugged laptop. Emdoor rugged products are widely used in medical, industrial automation, MES system integration, smart equipment, smart transportation, smart logistics, and other fields.

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