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Customized Rugged PC

Emdoor Info can provide custom Rugged tablet PCs, Handhelds, Laptops, and Customized services to partners, there are many successful cases as follows, hope one of them is helpful to you.

Customized Services
We have professional team to design right devices and offer better solutions to you, a right device will be helpful to optimize working procedure and more efficiently.
What we can offer?
1. OS Customization

1. OS Customization

Standard rugged industrial products are ready to offer, while you have a different inquiry. 

We offer operation system customized service for both Windows and Android.

2. Functions Customization

2. Functions Customization

We are able to provide customized products features for you, like keypad, connect ports, battery, 1D/2D barcode scanner, NFC, UHF, fingerprinter, and we can develop multiple modules at your request.

3. Personalization Customization

3. Personalization Customization

Our customers sell rugged computing equipment to companies that combine the hardware with your company name, history, expertise, software, turn-key solutions, service, and consulting arrangements. You may have precise customization requirements, your own color schemes, and your own brand names. We can offer personalization customization, like brand printing, brand device, personality color, that will have a new unique product to offer the market to better land your project.

Stories of Customized Rugged Laptop/Tablet PC

Features of Customized Rugged Laptop/Tablet PC


of Customized Rugged Laptop/Tablet PC

Solid Foundation
Solid Foundation

Emdoor Info's industry computer OEM has a complete range of equipment, a variety of choices and different product types.

Custom service accoring to customer's needs
Custom service accoring to customer's needs

Such as, hardware/software functions increase or decrease, brand customization service: OEM/ODM neutral machine can be shipped or customized customer logo can be shipped.

One-to-one pre-sale and after-sales exclusive service
One-to-one pre-sale and after-sales exclusive service

Exclusive consultation: Emdoor Info has deployed a professional customized business team, which can be transferred through the official website for customized consultation.

Features of Rugged Laptops

FAQs of Customized Rugged Laptop/Tablet PC

What customized services can Emdoor Information provide?
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1.Interface Customization

We could custom interface according to the customer’s request. Including Internet port, serial port, DC jack, aviation plug and other customer specified interface, to ensure meet customer’s needs of application scenario.

2. Hardware Customization

The hardware platform, configuration and industrial function modules can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. That including electromagnetic compatibility, signal integrity and other test standards.

3. Software customization

The system software functions can be customized according to customer’s requirements that including power boot, pre-installed software, boot animation logo, system function tailoring, system function customization &development and so on.

What is the process of customized service?
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1.Intent to negotiate :Understand customer needs and plans

2. Product proposal :Providing development plan

3.Products evaluation :Evaluating the feasibility of the products and sign the cooperation contract

4.R&D implementation :Product design,Sample production and Test verification.

5. Sample confirmation:Delivery prototype for testing and use feedback

6.Mass production delivery :one piece MOQ or mass production delivery

7.Confirm receipt: Customer check product and confirm receipt

What customized services can Emdoor Information provide?(TWO)
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1.Structure customization

We can custom appearance of product structure according to customer’s requirements. That including ID/MD design, open modulus and mass production. We can provide perfect customized structural design solutions, which benefit from cumulative experience of the structural development of rugged industry products.

2.Brand Customization

We can custom product packaging, product appearance, brand logo, product instructions and so on according to customers' needs. It helps to set up the brand image, expand the customer brand influence and assist to develop the market.

3.Strong R&D strength and production operation docking services (details can be seen in The advantages of Emdoor Info)

With the industry research and development experience of rugged handheld, tablet pc, rugged notebook, industrial tablets, no-fan IPC, etc, years of market deeply, we can provide deeply customized development service of software, hardware, structural and so on. More than 10 years experience of in the R&D team makes every customized requirement fell, and don't let any good idea slip away.Indoor info’s unique mass production base and mature and stable quality operation management system provide strong support and guarantee for the mass production of products. In addition, we have been on the road to create the perfect dedicated products for customers. Emdoor Info expects to cooperate with all parties to jointly create the future of the industrial information era and entry to a new platform of high-quality intelligent services.

FAQs of Customized Rugged Laptop/Tablet PC
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