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Emdoor's rugged handheld T50 join Android Enterprise Recommended

Emdoor info announces Its EM-T50 Handheld to Join Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program aimed at making it easier for enterprises to scale and manage the mobile devices in their operations.


What is the Android Enterprise Recommended Programme?

Android Enterprise Recommended is a programme that makes it easier for companies to select, implement and manage the best Android devices. It’s not just a seal of approval. It’s a short list of devices and service providers that meet Google’s strict enterprise requirements.Emdoor’s EM-T50 android rugged handheld participated in the program gives Emdoor’s customers added assurance that it meets – and exceeds – the hardware and software requirements set out by Google for the enterprise.

With Android Enterprise Recommended, it’s easy to scale and support your mobile fleet. Standardized features let you manage devices seamlessly. Consistently every time. No matter how many you deploy. Moreover, it ensures you can get timely security patches and clear information about major updates.

It's worth noting that enterprises wanting a consistent deployment experience and a management console that simplifies setup also need an Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM)solution and OEMConfig(The Validated EMMs solution can be found on the official Android website). As an OEM/ODM supplier, Emdoor provides customers with OEMConfig to extend the functionality of the Android Enterprise Recommendation (AER) EMM system. With OEMConfig, your EMM now supports every feature available in your device, with no need for custom EMM integration or manual configuration.

How to get started with Android Enterprise?

Android Zero-touch is supported on Emdoor ’s  EM-T50 rugged android handheld. That means just power on to get started. All the apps and configurations you need will be ready for you. Simultaneously Zero-touch isn’t the only way to enrol. If it’s unavailable where you are, EM-T50 offers other simple options to get your devices set up, including Near-field communication, EMM token, and QR code.

What business functions does EM-T50 Android Enterprise Recommended offer?

·Google Play app library and OEMConfig apps management

·Configuration and permission modification for specific applications

·Enforce basic security policies, such as setting a password to lock the screen and storage encryption

·When the device is lost, clear all data on the device from the remote end.

·More features supported by Android Enterprise and EMMs

How EM-T50 handheld with Android Enterprise Recommended can safety your data?

Timely security patches and timely security updates from Android Enterprise Recommended for ensuring your EM-T50 device is secure. Furthermore, AER(Android Enterprise Recommended) helps keep business data safe and personal stuff private. Employees can download apps without downloading threats to the whole business by separating their work profiles and personal data. Enterprises can completely control the EM-T50 handheld to keep confidential data safe.

EM-T50 handheld certified by Google as Android Enterprise Recommended Rugged Devices is a tiny section of the plan for Emdoor. More Emdoor rugged handhelds will be added to Android Enterprise Recommended in the near future.

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