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2020 in Review--Five Numbers Reviews Most Significant Events of Emdoor Info in 2020

Here's a review of 2020 we walked together

As we look back on 2020, it’s an extraordinary year for all of us, the heroism of countless ordinary people and extraordinary miracles made us survived and eventually triumphed, all enterprises couldn’t have anticipated the challenges we would face. We had strong words as well as continued insistence, and we had voluntary efforts as well as hard-won honor. In 2020, what memories were impressed on our heart? Let’s review most significant events of Emdoor Info in 2020 via 5 numbers, to look back on the moments we have walked together and all achievements of the whole year.

2 Charities - Pass Love and Share Warmth

On 12th Feb 2020, Emdoor Group took actions to deploy immediately and prevent the COVID-19, achieving returning to work and production ahead, at the same time, made every effort to send masks to domestic and foreign customers, and kept supporting each other with partners to overcome difficulties and challenges.


On 25th Sept 2020, Emdoor Group undertook a blood donation activity of Shenzhen Lions Clubs, called “the Eleventh Operation Red”, all employees had an active participant in the activity to give back to the world, with 104 of the total participation number and 31900ml of the total blood volume. 


3 Forums - Deepen Industries and Accelerate Development

On 26th Nov 2020, Emdoor Info brought a rugged notebook to attend the 2020 IAIC Summit Forum & Award Ceremony, contributing to the development of integrated circuits and the transformation of terminal application achievements.


On 29th Nov 2020, Emdoor Info attended the 2020 Changsha Cyber Security & Intelligent Manufacturing Conference and the Information Technology Application Innovation Industrial Ecology Summit Forum, to accelerate the development of Information Technology Application Innovation Industry with the latest research results.


On 29th Dec 2020, Emdoor Group was invited to the Phytium Eco Partner Summit 2020 and won the honor of “Phytium New Partner of the Year”, and brought several types of smart computers powered by Phytium in the Phytium Eco Exhibition.


4 Exhibitions - Fully Presentation and Complete Experience

On 29th Jul 2020, Emdoor Info appeared at the 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition in Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center, committing to the continuous development of IOT technology, and contributing to the promotion of interconnected information, production efficiency and better life. 


On 11th Aug 2020, Emdoor Info appeared at the SIAF 2020 (SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou). And as an industrial internet and intelligent warehousing solutions provider, Emdoor Info highlighted the strength of industrial PCs for on-site solutions.


On 15th Sept 2020, Emdoor Info appeared at the 2020 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai to enhance the development of industrial automation, at the same time, the fair was broadcast live on TikTok by Emdoor Info, attracting much of live audiences.


On 11th Nov 2020, Emdoor Group appeared at the 22th China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen Exhibition & Covention Center, Emdoor Info and other subsidiaries participated in the IT exhibition of CHTF together, showing the new products and technologies.


5 Products - Continuous Innovation and Sustainable Growth

Emdoor Info Phytium Rugged Notebook EM-X14F and EM-X15F: Based on the structure advantages of the old rugged products, Phytium rugged notebooks were equipped with the new Phytium CPU and Kylin OS to extend the industrial application scenes and solutions.

Emdoor Info Qualcomm Rugged Products: Qualcomm rugged products ran on Qualcomm processor, with sizes from 4-inch to 10-inch, named with Q-series, and aimed for high-end market to meet the higher communication needs of overseas high-end users.


Emdoor Info 5G Rugged Product EM-I22K (5G): EM-I22K (5G) was the first new product with 5G network in the rugged industry, and Emdoor Info became the first integrator customer of Quectel to achieve 5G rugged product, with the download speed up to 650 Mbps and the upload speed up to 80 Mbps via field testing.


Emdoor Info High-end i5/i7 Rugged Tablet EM-I10U: EM-I10U was designed to have the features of industrial quality, stronger performance, larger screen, fan cooling, double batteries (supports hot swap), multiple positioning system and other rich configurations to achieve different possibilities.


Acer Rugged Products by Emdoor Info: Emdoor Info helped Acer to launch the Acer’s ENDURO series of rugged PCs, and helped it solve the problems in the rugged technology field according to Acer’s needs.





6 Activities - Stand Together and Get closer

On 14th Jan 2020, Emdoor Group ushered in the company annual festival of 2020, all subsidiaries gathered employees, customers and partners to sum up the past and think about the future.


On 15th Jan 2020, the annual management meeting of Emdoor Group was held in Tokyo of Japan for seven days, Emdoor Group and its subsidiaries’ management carried out the summary of 2019 and the arrangement of 2020.


On 11th Jul 2020, Emdoor Group held the 18th anniversary celebration of 2020 in Splendid China and InterContinental Hotel, including the fun games like dragon boat race, and the wonderful generation show party.


On 16th Jul 2020, the 4-day mid-year management meeting of Emdoor Info started in the Huangshan Mountain of Anhui and the West Lake of Hangzhou, everyone united as one to challenge the difficulties, and broke through self to gain a lot.


On 14th Nov 2020, the production and quality team of Emdoor Info had the team building of 2020 along the coast of Dapeng Peninsula, aiming to build the great team and creat the brilliant tomorrow.


On 20th Nov 2020, the whole staff of Emdoor Info went off to Zhangjiajie to launch the team building, to increase the team cohesiveness.


2020 is coming to an end, the 2020 of Emdoor Info can be sumed up as one word, like inspiration, struggle, unity, innovation, pricelessness, etc. In 2020, we all fought the COVID-19 side by side to overcome major difficulties, provided continuous innovations to implement first-mover advantages, kept pushing forward to challenge new goals, paid all efforts to deliver satisified answers. 2021 is coming, as moving into the brand New Year, we will remain the original mind and intend to move forward for continuous innovation and better service. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! 

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